Chocolate Chip Cookies and Fudge Puddles

I had printed off several recipes from different blogs prior to Christmas. You see I kept stocking up on different types of chocolate chips when they were on sale and ended up with tons of them. I’m so baked out I can’t even tell you :-P So I thought I better get these posts up and decided to just combine them. Thank you to the blog owners below for the yummy recipes! Since there are so many, if you would like the recipe for any of these just click over to their blogs :)

First up is the Andes Crème de Menthe Chunk Cookies that I found on Avesta’s Check It Out. I think these were probably my favorite! I couldn’t find the mint chips she has pictured on her blog, so I bought a bag of Andes mints, unwrapped and coarsely chopped them all. These were delicious!

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Next I tried the Ny Times Chocolate Chip Cookies that were posted by Kim on Lovin’ From the Oven. These were delicious, though I made them as regular sized cookies. Kim’s post calls for making them as large cookies. Very yummy!!

Then there was the recipe for Outrageous Chocolate Cookies that I also discovered on Kim’s blog, Lovin’ From the Oven. Also a big hit here, these brownie-like cookies were a favorite of my 11 year old.

Shocked that there is yet another recipe, all these were baked in the same day mind you! I came across a recipe for Pudding Cookies on Tanya’s Sunday Baker blog. Absolutely delish!!

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Well by now, I was exhausted and tired of being in my kitchen.

So I waited a week or so before baking the last one I had printed out, Fudge Puddles, also found on Tanya’s Sunday Baker blog. OMG these are good!

So thank you to all of you wonderful bloggers for making this holiday season so sweet. I have tons more bookmarked as you can see, but for now I think I better make some recipes that take OFF the weight instead. ;)

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  1. Mari says

    Oh Yummy! They look so good. I have a recipe similar to the fudge puddles but instead of putting the fudge filling in, you press a Reeces peanut butter cup into it. They are good too!

  2. Cheri Sicard says

    I also have tons of leftover baking ingredients. But I can’t eat any more sweets — I am already avoiding looking at the scale for fright of the damages of the holiday over indulgences. So I will probably make logs of cookie dough and keep them in the freezer. That way Mitch can have a snack if he wants it, or they are ready for company or homemade gifts.

  3. Kim says

    everything looks great! that is sure a bunch of cookies, i’d be burnt out after baking all that too. haha but keep up the good work! thanks for linking me. :)

  4. Bunny says

    Oh my gosh Amanda!! These all look perfect, I will be trying the NY times cookie, I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  5. Court says

    I thought your fudge puddles were my mom’s peanut butter cup cookies. They look the same, but instead of pressing them in with a tool and filling with chocolate, she just pushes a mini reese’s cup in. Delish!

  6. avesta says

    Hi Amanda! So glad that you found my blog and tried the Andes Cookie Recipe! Will be back to your blogs…very cool!!!

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