Homemade Slushie Floats (Slurpees)

I originally wrote about these on FamilyCorner.com and explained that years ago, when my daughter (now 15) was 4 years old, she and her little friend always wanted Slurpees. So for years I’ve been making what we call “Slushies”. Every summer the kids ask for them. They are refreshing and tasty and a fraction of the cost of a Slurpee or Dairy Queen’s version called the Arctic Rush.

As I just said, Dairy Queen has what they call the Arctic Rush, formerly known as the Mr. Misty, which I loved when I was a kid. Now you can get an Arctic Rush Float, which is basically a slush with ice cream in the middle. They’ll even blend it all together for you if you want.

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So last week when it was really hot, we needed something to cool us off. I pulled out the blender and whipped up some slushies, then I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Bonus! These are our new favorite treats for cooling off.
Here’s a guess at the cost:
Kool Aid   0.125 (one packet is 25 cents and it makes 2 large slushies)
sugar   0.15
water  0.00
ice   0.00
vanilla ice cream   .25
Estimated cost $0.52 per large drink. An Arctic Rush Float is over $2.00 for a medium.

Slushie Floats

1 package of unsweetened Kool-Aid drink mix, any flavor
2 cups of water
1/2 – 3/4 cup sugar
4 cups ice

1-2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

In a blender, combine Kool-Aid, water, sugar and ice. Blend. Pour into two large glasses or four small glasses and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Add a straw and you are all set!

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What did you do that was thrifty this week?

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  1. Marie says

    Ohh, that looks really cool and refreshing! I love rootbeer floats, myself. I have to have at least one every summer!

  2. Katrina says

    Those slushies look great. While I prefer a yummy, gooey chocolaty kind of ice cream, my kids would rather have this anyway. I'll have to surprise them with this one!

  3. Erin @ The Sweet Life says

    Those look so good! David and I have been on a smoothie kick most of the spring, and we need a little change…your slushies just might do the trick!
    Sorry I didn't participate in Thrifty Thursday this week…work has been crazy! I hope to be back next week.

  4. SUGAR B says

    How cute is this entry! I didn't know you did Thrifty Thursdays! Too cool!

    That slushie float is calling my name! ;)

  5. Tiffiny Felix says

    OMG! My kids (and my husband and I) are going to love these! We love Slurpee's, but this is such an easy and cheaper way to make them. Thanks so much! Of course, we'll have to add the ice cream :)

  6. Ingrid says

    Happy 4th, Amanda!

    Btw, for your cooking with Alicia and Annie I can post my (their) recipe anytime, right? Just link back to the site? Also, I'm assuming its okay to use the logo.

  7. Tiffiny Felix says

    I wanted to tell you I made these for my family tonight and we *loved* them! We blended them with vanilla ice cream and they were *awesome*! I'm going to tell all my friends–thanks a million! :)

  8. Amanda says

    finsmom – Hope you try them and your DD likes them!

    Tami – Thanks! Ever tried them with Alexis and Andy?

    Marie – I love root beer floats too, yum :)

    Judy – they sounds great, thanks!

    Katrina – let me know if your kids like them :)

    Erin – hope you like them, no problem on not participating, I know how hectic things can get :)

    SugarB – yep that's me, I do Thrifty Thursdays! Would love to have you participate ;)

    navita – nice to see you stranger!

    Tiffiny – Oh yes, blended they are awesome! My husband likes them better with big blobs of ice cream that he can pick up with the end of his straw – hee hee! So glad you guys enjoyed them!

    Ingrid – Hi! Yes, you can certainly use the logo and post anytime :)

    Kevin – nice to see you, thanks for stopping by :)

    Maria -thanks for participating!

    elzlop8 – So glad you liked them! ;) Thanks for letting me know, i always wonder if anyone tries things I post. It's really nice to hear when they do!

  9. Amanda says

    Oops! Sorry TeaLady, didn't intentionally not acknowledge you :-/ I was going off my email notifications and then saw your name there after I posted.

  10. elzlop8 says

    We made them again yesterday with a different flavor, I think black cherry is a winner in our house! Thank you for sharing these awesome recipes.

  11. Sharon says

    So glad I found your blog. I have been searching for refreshing summer drinks, so I can't wait to try this and your Raspberry Lemonade.

  12. Neko says

    Thanks for the recipe my younger siblings loved it! The first cup tasted and looked like the Mr. Misty and after that each cup turned into a ICEE-Misty fushion! ^^ Thanks!!!


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