Cowboy Casserole

Cowboy Casserole - Amanda's Cookin' by @amandaformaro
So last night I was going to make Cowboy Casserole as it was on my menu plan. So it was about 5:00, I went into the kitchen and started taking out the ingredients. I then proceeded to read the recipe that instructed me to layer the ingredients in the slow cooker! UGH! What a dope. So we ate chinese take out last night.

This morning I pulled the recipe out again and put everything into the crockpot. The results were yummy and we will definitely have this again. Any easy meal and great comfort food.

Cowboy Casserole - Amanda's Cookin' by @amandaformaro

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  1. Amanda says

    i actually wasn’t sure if we were going to like it, but there were so many people on the message boards that had tried it and liked it I figured it must be good… and it was : )

  2. Amber says

    I whipped this up yesterday morning. After 2 hours of being in the crockpot it was already smelling good throughout the house. Put it on top of Frito's with some cheese. It was yum!! Thanks!!

  3. "Chunny" (Barbara Zion) says

    I love this recipe…..but, have added chunks of onions and, on occasion, to spice things up…..a can of Rotel diced tomatoes!

  4. Amanda S. says

    Amanda, what size slow cooker is this recipe made for? I have a little 2-quart since it’s just me and the hubby, and would love to make this, but need to figure out the appropriate ingredient amounts!

  5. Cherie says

    I made this and it was great. I also had enough left over to freeze for 2 other meals. I took out enough for 2 meals after 1 hour so I could freeze it. It worked great! I did not use the tomatoe soup however I used 2 cups of fresh tomatoes diced and no garlic.

    I also can half the recipe for the smaller crockpot which is great too!

  6. Sue b. says

    I wonder…if I added little carrots & diced celery…am I back at reg. stew w/grnd meat, or, am I still eatin’ with the Cowboys(& girls)? hhmmm. I’ll try it & let you know, when the weather cools down! I always serve dinner at my staff meetings …this could be a winner!

  7. Deborah M. says

    This sounds great. I might try this for a church pot luck. Do you think I could cook half-way through the night before and the remaining time the next day?

  8. Theresa says

    I grew up with a similar recipe called “Shipwreck.” With Shipwreck, you start with the browned meat in the bottom of a dutch oven, layer sliced onions, sliced raw potatoes, sliced raw celery, 16 oz. can kidney beans (drained or undrained, your choice), 1 can condensed tomato soup, 1 soup can water, 1 T sugar sprinkled over top. Cover, bake 2 hours at 350 deg. This would be a quicker way to get the same flavor if you don’t have 6-8 hours to wait for a crockpot.

  9. Heidi S says

    I made this yesterday omitting the onion & used red ball potatoes cut in half. I put half the tomato soup in the bottom of my crock, added the potatoes & put the beef in raw (I only buy 93% lean) then the rest of the soup & seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder & pepper. I loved it!!!

  10. Tammy says

    I’m not sure if it will work…gonna try. Because I dont eat beef I will try this with smoked sausage…

    (the kind packaged in a horse-shoe-shape) I will let you know hoe it turns out.

  11. norman says

    i liked it but thot it a little dry. i used the tomatoes and flour, not the soup.any suggstions to moisten?

    • says

      Hi Norman. Without knowing any variations that you may have made, I would just say to check it before it’s done and add a bit of water or broth if it seems to be drying out.

  12. Catherine A. McClarey says

    It’s a little too hot in the summer in my part of the Midwest for this, but this sounds like it would be yummy come fall – a bit like a cross between chili and a more traditional stew. If I wait until fall to prepare it, though, I will probably want to halve it as was suggested in an earlier comment, as the kids will all be off at college then. (Now I just need to shop for a smaller crockpot or a smaller Dutch oven!)

  13. Sharyn says

    Do you stir this occasionally, or just fix and forget? I’m thinking about preparing everything tonight and having my teen throw it in the crock pot while I’m at work tomorrow. Thanks!

    • says

      You can just fix it and forget it, but one stir halfway or three quarter the way through won’t hurt :) I didn’t stir. You don’t want to open the lid of a crockpot during cooking because it lets all the heat escape. They say that every time you open the lid, you need to add another 15 minutes to the cooking time.

  14. Merrilly says

    This recipe sounds great! I love using my crockpot, even in summer as the house doesn’t heat up. Will try it later this week right after my husband has a colonoscopy and can eat again. He’ll love it, I’m sure.

  15. bailey way says

    I used 1 qt jar of homemade tomatoes instead of can tomatoes and I added 1 tbs fresh garlic. Topped with hot sauce and sprinkled with shredded sharp cheddar cheese, some kind of good. Thanks for the recipe

  16. Linda Applebee says

    Where I am in WI we do have blizzards that make it so I can’t shop very often so I try to buy a lot so the groceries last till I can shop again.
    Last Winter was a bad one that some lost power but I did not. My aunt was here and said the pantry is almost bare so what do we eat today?
    I got a quart of cream style corn as my recipe usually take 3 normal size cans and I also got the three or 4 pork chops from the freezer and the bottle of ketchup and an onion peeled and chopped and also did a bell pepper and added a can of diced tomatoes and added some cans of water and also tore up 5 slices of white bread and made a casserole. for supper I made a pot of soup that made 7 coffee mugs of soup.
    I browned a pound of ground round or ground chuck and added a nice sized chopped onion and a big c an of tomato sauce and also a can of diced tomatoes and 2 cans of water and then added a can of carrots and a can of French beans and a can of veg-all and cooked that all done for supper. I would have put more veggies but that was all my soup pot would hold for breakfast I got out my pancake mix that I did myself and made it up and added a cup of my home grown frozen blueberries and also used 8 eggs to boil we each had blueberry pancakes and 2 boiled eggs each and then I got the brats and slapped out sausage and beef patties and got the brats and hotdogs out to that and got those cooked on the grill and then boiled a pot of potatoes and also boiled 8 eggs so we each had 2 with our pancakes then I chopped the onion and sweet or dill pickles for the potato salad and added the mayo and the yellow mustard and some salt and pepper to taste and drained the potatoes and poured them I za big bowl and added in the goop I made for the potato salad and then drained and dropped the boiled eggs in the pan of clod water so the shells cracked and then let them cool so I could peel and cut up and mix in the potato salad so it would be cold for our lunch then fired up the grill to cook the brats dogs and burgers and I also made drinks for us blueberry smoothies for lunch and carrot juice to drink also and had a pot of coffee too. and I also made cranberry muffins for a snack with our coffee. My aunt and Uncle that were here visiting did not know that I can cook bake and grill out.

  17. Laura says

    All just gone in the slow cooker. Had to try and work out the equivalent measurements over here (UK) though.
    Hope I’ve worked it out ok and my fussy hubby and 2 girls enjoy it!
    Can’t wait!

  18. MaryKate Dempsey says

    Cowboy (girl) casserole was great. I used golden potatoes and red beans, smaller and a little different flavor. Coleslaw is a favorite side for bean dishes. Lotsa cheddar on top ! My friend started it and had no red or kidney beams, so she used black beans and saved me a bite. It was great but the darker the bean the more ‘gassy’ it is. Loved it and will do it again. This is what I save as a base recipe that can be spiced up or tweaked as in some smoked sausage or tender chopped chuck.

    • says

      I havent baked it before but I’m sure you could. I would say 350, but not positive on the time. I would start with 20-25 minutes, checking on the potatoes after that. Then go up from there if need be.


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