Breakfast Burritos for the Freezer

Breakfast is the most commonly skipped meal of the day. Whether it’s a teenager running out the door to school or an adult on their way to work, mornings always seem rushed and breakfast is often pushed by the wayside. Wouldn’t it be great to have a hot breakfast from the microwave in just two minutes that you can hold and eat with one hand? Make these breakfast burritos ahead of time and enjoy them for days and days to come!

An old internet friend of mine, Cheri Sicard, just released her new book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Easy Freezer Meals. She was kind enough to send me a copy and I was eager to try something for breakfast first. Cheri and I have known each other since the late nineties and I’ve always known she was a whiz at freezing meals.

My daughter plays soccer and is in her junior year in high school. She seems to constantly run out of the house with an empty stomach, which quite frankly means she’ll have to wait until lunch to eat anything. Having these breakfast burritos in the freezer is a great way for her to fuel up on the way to school.

Cheri’s recipe includes green chiles and breakfast sausage. I changed the recipe a bit to fit our families tastes. Since not everyone here enjoys sausage, I made some with just bacon and some with a combination. I also love green peppers and mushrooms, so I added those in to the sausage burritos.

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I love these, they are delicious! Cheri’s recipe says it makes 16 burritos, but based off of the measurements for what to place in each burrito, I got 12, so I have changed the potato measurement below which should hopefully yield 16. Next time I think I’ll just do everything based on weight instead since there will always be fluctuations based off of individual ingredients and brands.

Thanks Cheri for the great recipe! Be sure to visit Cheri’s new blog, Cheri on Ice, for more great freezer meals. Check out her book too, I know you’ll love it!

Breakfast Burritos

adapted from The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Easy Freezer Meals

printable version

5 or 6 medium potatoes, cubed
1 tablespoon plus 2 teaspoons olive oil
freshly ground black pepper

For Bacon and Egg Burritos:
1 small onion, diced
1/2 lb bacon
1 cup Mexican cheese blend and Pepper Jack cheese, shredded

For Sausage, Bacon and egg Burritos:
1/2 cup diced green pepper, mushroom, onion mixture
1/4 lb bacon
1/4 lb breakfast sausage
1 cup Mexican cheese blend and Pepper Jack cheese, shredded

16 large eggs
1 teaspoon unsalted butter
12-16 8-inch flour tortillas

Bring large pot of water to a boil over high heat. Add potatoes to boiling water, parboil for 8-10 minutes. Drain and set aside.

Cook bacon for both types of burritos, drain and chop. Set aside in separate bowls.

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In large skillet over medium-high heat, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Add potatoes and saute, stirring occasionally, about ten minutes, until potatoes are browned and almost cooked through. Season with salt and pepper, remove from pan and set aside.

In same skillet over medium-high heat, heat remaining 2 teaspoons of olive oil.

For Bacon and Egg Burritos, saute onion until softened and just beginning to brown. Add bacon to the onion and toss to coat. Remove and set aside.

For Sausage, Bacon and Egg Burritos saute the green pepper, mushroom and onion mixture until softened and just beginning to brown. Add sausage and cook, crumbling as it cooks, about 6 minutes or until sausage is cooked through. Toss cooked bacon into mixture. Drain and set aside.

In a large bowl, whisk the eggs.

Wipe any excess bacon or sausage grease from the skillet and heat a teaspoon of butter over medium heat. Add the eggs and cook, turning eggs frequently until eggs are set. Remove from heat.

To assemble:
Center a tortilla on a 12-in piece of waxed paper. Place fillings down the center of each tortilla , leaving a 1/2″ border at the top and bottom. For each tortilla use 1/4 cup cooked potatoes, 1/4 cup meat mixture, 1/4 cup egg and 2 tablespoons shredded cheese. Fold in top and bottom then roll up tortilla.

Wrap the filled tortilla tightly in the waxed paper and store wrapped burritos in a plastic zipper storage bag. Be sure to label and date the bag as well.

To reheat after freezing:
Unwrap burrito from waxed paper, place on paper towel lined plate and microwave on high for 2 – 2 1/2 minutes. Stop and turn once during cooking.


  1. April says

    your "print" link is taking me to the blogger home page. I am in need of some grab n' go breakfasts!! these would be great!

  2. Ali says

    I love freezer burritos! They are great for on the go breakfasts, or for nights when you are too exhausted to cook. I like your addition of potatoes, I haven't tried those in freezer burritos yet. They would certainly stretch the filling to make it go farther and add some yummy starch.

    I've done two kinds and they both kept well in the freezer, no issues there. Southwestern Burritos with seasonings, eggs, peppers, sausage and cheese.

    Then the other kind was mashed sweet potatoes, a black bean puree that had garlic and spices in it, with a Monterey jack/cheddar cheese. Those were amazingly good. :)

    I actually will put a damp paper towel on top of the burrito when i heat it up to keep it soft. Sometimes when I don't the tortilla gets too crispy on the edges and dries out.

  3. Dawn S says

    The link for Cheri's blog takes me to the blogger log in page. Thanks for posting the recipe, though!

  4. Amanda says

    Thanks to both of you for telling me about the link problems, so odd! They should both be working fine now :)

  5. Katherine says

    I never would have thought to make and freeze my own breakfast burritos! Great idea! I love having all manner of frozen homemade food on hand.

  6. Michelle @ Loving Every Second says

    THANK YOU!!! My husband will love me forever for making these! He always wants something fast to eat in the mornings since he has to be at work pretty early. These will be perfect for him!

  7. Velva says

    What a great idea! My son runs out of the house constantly with food being his last priority. This easy freezer to microwave burrito is perfect. I must try!


  8. Debbi Does Dinner Healthy says

    I love freezer cooking and breakfast burritos are the best! I eat them for lunch or dinner too! Thanks!

  9. Lisa says

    I do some freezer cooking but mostly chilis and soups – this would be a welcome addition to the rotation. I think it would make a nice lunch with a salad. Thanks for the kick in the pants reminder about freezer cooking, I don't do enough of it.

  10. Stephanie says

    I used to make bean and chese burritoes for to freeze and take for lunch often. They were great, but I haven't really found a gluten-free tortilla that would stand up to the process. These days it's just rice bowls.

    Wrapping the waxed paper in foil too was my prefered method. It helped secure them a bit better, and helped hold it together while they defrosted in my lunch bag. Just make sure you take it off before microwaving!

  11. Tiffany says

    Hi there! I LOVE your page and this recipe! I just had one quick question :) How do you think plastic wrap would do in place of the waxed paper? They could be wrapped tighter with plastic wrap then placed in freezer bag, but I wanted to ask before I possibly wasted a bunch of food and time if the plastic wrap didnt work! THanks!


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