Will you vote for my cake??

Hi all. I don’t normally shamelessly post about contests I enter, mostly because I don’t enter contests! However, this particular contest really caught my eye because you have to submit a recipe that is uniquely yours and it had to be a pumpkin recipe. Well it just so happens that I created by 4 Layer Chocolate Dappled Pumpkin Cake last year and I’ve probably only made a handful of unique recipes in my life.

So, if you would, I sure would appreciate your vote! Just go to this link and look for “Amanda’s 4 Layer..” and vote for me! :)

Thank you!

ANOTHER DELICIOUS IDEA >>  Fun Thrift Store Kitchen Finds!


  1. Ingrid says

    Okay, I had to join but I did it! I'll try to remember to vote daily!

    Good luck Amanda! It really does look like a winner!

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