Using Bluebird to Plan for Special Projects

I'm testing out Bluebird, heard of it?

I’m here to give you another update on using my Bluebird card. We really need to redo the pipes in our bathroom. This house is old, built in the early 1950’s, and the plumbing has been ravaged by our iron heavy well water. It’s time to update the plumbing, but we don’t use credit cards, so that means paying out of pocket.

Everyone knows how hard that can be. You need to stay up on your bills, buy groceries, clothe your children and yes, even go out to dinner once in a while. So shelling out several hundred dollars for plumbing repairs can really dig into your budget.

Speaking of budgets, I do have one. It’s the only way I’d be able to keep track of our spending and what bills need to be paid. I even have a line on my budget spreadsheet for items such as this, but sometimes those line items get passed over for something else.

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That’s when it hit me. I can use the Bluebird card to set aside that money each month and save for such budgeted items.

Bluebird allows you to fund your card in several different ways:

  • Direct deposit
  • Transfers from your bank account
  • Cash deposit
  • Check scan via mobile app
  • Cashing a check and depositing it
  • Debit card

using Bluebird

Since I practically live off my debit card, I simply linked my card to my Bluebird account and now have the option to add up to $100 per day. This keeps that budgeted money separate from everything else and I can check off that line and consider that item on the spreadsheet “paid”. Then when there’s enough money saved I’ll take my Bluebird card to the store and buy what I need to upgrade my bathroom.

I’ll be back soon with another update on how my progress is going with Bluebird! Hope you all have a very Happy New Year!

This post is brought to you by American Express though all opinions that you read here and completely and 100% mine.

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