TWD: Low and Luscious Chocolate Cheesecake

I have missed all the December recipes except for this week. I feel terrible, but the holidays and work and kids and life and … blah blah blah. You get the picture. It was crazy! All I want for New Year’s is to get back into my routine. :)

Anyway, this was a very easy recipe to put together! The cream cheese mixture is actually put together in the food processor instead of a mixer. I was amazed at how silky the cream cheese mixture was when finished! Just look at that!

It’s poured into a simple graham cracker crust, baked and then chilled. In fact, the most difficult part of this recipe is WAITING for it to chill. it calls for 8 hours in the refrigerator. Technically it will be ready for cutting into tonight (written Monday night), but I am going to wait until morning to get a good photo of it.

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Tuesday update: This chocolate cheesecake is wonderful! It has a tang to it, and coupled with the chocolate ganache I added to cover up my graham cracker mess (when I ran the knife around the inside of the pan, my graham cracker crust was higher than my filling, and it all fell onto the top of the cheesecake. I tried to clean it off but to no avail.
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When in doubt, cover it up I say) it was the perfect combination. And it looks pretty too! ;)

You can find this low and luscious chocolate cheesecake recipe on the Tea Lady’s blog, Tea and Scones, or if you have a copy of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking From my Home to Yours, it’s on page 243.


  1. mike says

    I love the textural quality of the "graham" crust on top! But that glaze… so smooth! Looks so professional. A delicious "save" – as i thought the chocolate could be pumped up a bit with this recipe! Beautiful!

  2. TeaLady says

    LOVE the ganache on top. Thot about it, but was afraid it would be too much. Guess I was wrong.

    Thanks for baking with me this week.

  3. jillbert says

    It looks so pretty with the ganache on top! I did OK with TWD earlier in the month, but I skipped this week and last week. Oh well, things will be more normal next month!

  4. Leslie says

    I think your solution to the graham cracker crumb problem is brilliant! I thought this one needed more chocolate flavor, so the ganache is doubly good.

  5. Katrina says

    I wish I would have done the ganache, 1-because my crust was making it all crumby, too. And 2-I thought it really need a boost of chocolate!
    Looks great, Amanada.
    By the way, I did make a version of that turkey pot pie the other day, instead of a crust, I just put Pillsbury bread stick over the top! It was good.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Kayte says

    Looks amazing! I am so dessert-ed out that I have not made the last 2 TWD weeks…bad bad girl. I hope this mojo returns soon. Your post was inspiring…I will make this one when everyone is back to eating desserts.

  7. Ingrid says

    Oh, I hear ya sista! I want the same thing for my New Year. :)

    Your ganache was super shiny and you're right the cheesecake batter is so smooth. I wonder if you can make all cheesecake batters in the food processors.

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and Happy 2010!

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