TWD: Berry Surprise Cake

Well, I’m not having much luck with Dorie’s recipes this month. Not sure why, but it’s just not working out. :( I made this cake, and not sure if I overwhipped the eggs or overfolded the ingredients or what, but the cake fell while in the oven and tasted awful. It may have been my husband and oldest son horsing around near the oven and they may have caused it to fall, but it definitely wasn’t spongy!

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The filling was blah, and the whipped topping even more blah. It just wasn’t sweet enough for me. I actually had some prettier pictures of this cake but accidentally deleted them (see the LOSER post below).
It sure did come out pretty though! The Berry Surprise Cake was chosen by Mary Ann of Meet Me in the Kitchen and hers look lovely :)

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  1. Cathy says

    Well, shoot. I am sorry that it wasn’t a rousing success — you certainly were not alone! It looks pretty, though!

  2. HappyTummy says

    Sorry you aren’t having luck, but for what it’s worth, I think your cake looks lovely! The layers look perfect. I like how you used strawberries…yum. Even though you say the cake wasn’t spongy, it certainly looks it.

  3. n.o.e says

    Well, you can blame your husband’s son, but I think it may have been the cake’s own decision to fall. Almost nobody had success with this one. Yeah, a bit blah too. I love the way yours looks – the drizzling is pretty.


  4. karen says

    this cake seemed to give a lot of people issues. sorry you didn’t love it. i did add some extra sugar and vanilla to my filling and it was ok, still not that sweet though.

  5. Marie says

    awww sorry this cake didn’t work out for you! I still think it looks delicious. I used blueberries, but I am betting strawberries were even more delicious!

  6. SiHaN says

    at least the final version appeared perfectly fine. Beautiful in fact. Great job with the decoration. A pity you didn’t enjoy it’s flavors! Better luck next week!

  7. Kimberly says

    I’m sorry it didn’t turn out! You are right though, your cake is beautiful. I laughed about your finding the picture on the back of the book after you were done with the whole thing…sounds like something that would happen to me :) Until you mentioned it was there I didn’t even notice the picture.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  8. Katrina says

    It does look great! I agree with the taste though. Something missing–like maybe not sweet enough all around!
    Still, great job!

  9. Barbara says

    Too bad about your cake! Mine fell before it even got into the pan :(

    I loved the filling & topping but I'm not a big fan of really sweet things. Try adding a bit more sugar — the tang of the cream cheese and the creaminess of the cream go wonderfully with berries!

  10. Lucy says

    I would agree that it looks so good and too bad the taste/texture was off. and…. that it was less than what you expected it to be. You’re not alone, we’ve all had that happen to us at one time or another. xxx’s

  11. Banjo says

    Too bad you didn’t like it, but way to go on trying it! I skipped this week, as it seemed like too much work and wasn’t sure about it. Looks like you weren’t the only baker that wasn’t crazy about it… :( Oh well, next week will be a better one!

  12. Ivette says

    I guess we all had a not-so-nice experience with this recipe…especially with the cake rise and stuff… but your cake looks really nice and I bet it tastes better than you think! :)

  13. MaryBeth says

    Sorry to hear that you had trouble, Mary Ann’s does look fabulous but you know what, yours looks home made and delish.

  14. Bunny says

    Sorry it wasn’t what you expected Amanda, I hope the next recipe works out better for you. I’ve seen other TWD posts that had similar problems. It’s the recipe Amanda , not anything you did.

  15. Cakelaw says

    It does look beautiful, even if it tasted “blah”. I have to say that I am not sure why Dorie liked the filling so much – it was very plain to my taste, and only the berries saved it.

  16. Ingrid says

    Aw, sorry that it didn’t work out for you! When you have time, money, and effort invested it’s always a bummer when it doesn’t work out and then to top it off it wasn’t tasty! :-( If it’s any consolation it is a pretty looking cake. Too bad about your photos. The one you did save is a still a winner!

  17. LyB says

    That’s too bad, it looks really pretty. I did have to sweeten the filling a bit more, I’m guessing this should be made with very ripe, Summer berries to be sweet enough as is.

  18. Navita says

    i can’t comment on the taste but i sure can imagine the loveliness of the cake..appearnce wise!

    better luck next time dear

  19. The Food Librarian says

    Certainly didn’t look like you had any troubles at all! This looks really tasty…sorry it wasn’t your favorite. Hopefully the gingerbread will knock your socks off! :)

  20. Amanda says

    I hope you all enjoy the gingerbread recipe for Dorie on Tuesday. I do not like gingerbread so am thinking of passing. I may still do it and give it to someone, need to review the recipe and see what’s involved and what ingredients are needed. Happy Baking!

  21. AmyRuth says

    I liked the lightness of everything and imagine it as a lovely summer finale to a outdoor supper.???
    Yours looks beautiful.

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