Thrifty Thursdays: Week #1

Thrifty Thursdays are officially on! If you would like to participate, please see the end of this post for instructions :) 

This week I hit a couple thrift stores. I didn’t do as well as I usually do, but still came home with some good frugal finds. I only visited a couple as I was short on time, and I also went to the local restaurant supply store as they have great bargains on milk and fresh veggies:
Thrift Store Finds
Candle melt pot 0.90
mini ice cream maker 2.00  
veggie chopper 2.00
glass casserole w/lid 2.00
cake decorator kit 1.25
cookie press 4.00
dessert dish (for blog photos!) 0.50
19 Taste of Home magazines 4.75  (woohoo!)
3 Cookbooks 2.25

From Best Bargains (restaurant supply)
I live in a rural community. We have a restaurant supply store right here in our backyard that carries some home grown veggies, fresh cheese and meats, frozen goodies, baked goods and plenty more. It can be a crapshoot though, so I usually go there before doing my grocery shop for the week, just in case they are out of anything. Their fresh veggie collection is different all the time, so I always hit those first. This week I bought:

ANOTHER DELICIOUS IDEA >>  Homemade Dilly Beans
fresh tomatoes – 2 lbs – $2.01 (for winter they look pretty good, way better than the grocery store anyway)
lettuce $0.89
2 loaves of bread  $2.58 (these loaves are huge!)
2 gallons milks $2.69/gallon

Total for this week’s thrift and Best Bargains shopping:

Oh yeah, almost forgot about the bonus! My daughter grabbed a pullover sweatshirt for $2.00 at the thrift store. When we got home she put it on and put her hands in the pockets. Guess what she found? $2.00 in the pocket! BONUS! Free sweatshirt! LOL
In The Kitchen
Bread – I also made some multigrain bread this week, but I over baked it ($*!!&%&$!&#*$!) so the crust was just too hard to enjoy it. UGH! So instead of wasting the ingredients or feeding the already fat backyard birds, I broke the bread up into chunks and let it dry out for several hours. Then I ground it up in my blender and spread it onto cookie sheets. I baked it for about 15 minutes or so on 200 F just to be sure it was dried out and toasty. Then I stored it in zipper gallon bags in the freezer for later use.

ANOTHER DELICIOUS IDEA >>  Thrifty Thursday: Week #23 Free Cherries & Cheap Produce
Chicken – There was a sale on chicken thighs, came out to about $1.42/lb so I boiled and simmered them in a big pot with onions, garlic, carrots, celery salt, salt and pepper and a bay leaf. Saved the broth, shredded the chicken and made chicken and dumplings last night, saved the other half for chicken enchiladas :)
Be sure to visit all the links for Thrifty Thursday below! If you would like to participate, just follow the easy instructions (scroll down!):

To participate (anyone can!) here’s what you do:
1) Post on our blog about something thrifty you did, a frugal recipe you made, great bargain finds, or some fabulous money saving tips that you would like to share. 
2) Link to this Thrifty Thursdays post (you can use the button if you like) from your blog post so that your readers can find all the other great frugal tips being shared!
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  1. Cheri Sicard says

    Hi All,

    I posted about the frugal savings of making your own pizza at home. I’ve been making pizza at home for years and didn’t think much about the cost — I just know I make better pizza than most restaurants do. It wasn’t until Amanda tried my business partner Mitch Mandell’s pizza dough recipe and proudly declared “I’ll never spend fifty bucks again to feed the family pizza,” that I began to think about the frugal aspect of making your own pizza at home. So not only will you save money, you’ll get a better quality pizza than most restaurants, topped with your own personal array of favorite toppings.

    Mitch’s Favorite Dough and My Favorite Dough can both be made in less than 5 minutes in a food processor, so they’re really easy and hassle free.

    Find these recipes and more on making pizza at home at


  2. Amanda says

    Mari – Thanks!

    Cheri – Awesome! I do save a lot making my own pizza :) I will be trying your crust next time I make pizza :)

    Arfi – It doesn’t have to be about shopping :) You can post anything frugal or thrifty, whether it be a recipe that is cost effective or a cleaning tip that you have discovered. Anything that is cost effective will work!

  3. searcher says

    You did great! I love the thrift stores!
    I found a whole fryer (chicken) at on sale at Krogers for under $2.00 for about a 3lb bird. I try not to fry any more than I have to so I popped it in the oven. We had dinner that day, then used some for a salad the next day, then I made chicken fried rice the day after that with what was left. I boiled the carcass with carrots, celery, onion, and a bay leaf for a good broth to put in the freezer. Needless to say dh is tired of chicken!


  4. Rebecca says

    I’m hoping Thrifty Thursdays will teach me a thing or two. I tend not to bargain hunt (much); instead I buy a bit more when things are in season, or on sale. Having a small freezer and a broken oven does limit my shopping somewhat. My first post on this topic is a general brain-dump on what I do to be thrifty. Thanks for the great ideas Amanda!

  5. Frugal Scholar says

    My thrifty day was great–a family trip to New Orleans. Read about it on my blog and check out the egret picture.

  6. Brenda Jean says

    Thanks Amanda! I decided to join too– mine is on clothing this time, but I’ll have a bunch of stuff on clothing.

  7. The Blonde Duck says

    I wish I had a store like that. We have a restaurant supply store, but they don’t do food too. And we have a farmer’s market, but I haven’t found one yet that’s decent.

  8. Daniel says

    Love the Taste of Home magazine finds… there is nothing like picking up some old cooking/food magazines for new recipe ideas. It’s a heck of a lot less expensive than buying a new overpriced cookbook, isn’t it?

    Casual Kitchen

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