Thrifty Thursday: Week #23 Free Cherries & Cheap Produce

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I live in a suburban type neighborhood within a rural community. So while my house is in a fairly typical suburban setting, I’m actually surrounded on all sides by farms. This means access to plenty of locally grown fresh produce. There’s a place called Best Bargains, which is a restaurant supply house that’s open to the public. It’s not like going to WalMart, because while they may stock one thing today, you may not find it there tomorrow. So going there is always a treat as there’s often something new each time.

Their prices are often better than any grocery store and they have vegetables and meat grown by local farms. Yesterday I picked ups several things, including a bag of 8 pizza puffs. My son has been paying $3.00 each for these exact same pizza puffs at a local ice cream shop in town. We bought the whole bag for $6.00. Needless to say he was very pleased!

ANOTHER DELICIOUS IDEA >>  Ducks - but it's not a recipe, read on...
I also picked up eggs, milk, cheese, butter and some fresh produce. Among the vegies I scored were some vine ripe tomatoes and fresh broccoli. As you can see in the photo, the prices are phenomenal. 
Tomatoes – $0.39/lb – 1.6 pounds = $0.62
Broccoli – $0.78/lb – 1.51 pounds = $1.18
Also, my supply of fresh cherries is coming to an end. I picked another 5 pounds off my neighbor’s sour cherry tree yesterday. There’s still quite a few on there, but they are definitely nearing the end. 

I did buy some canning equipment so I can make some yummy cherry jam. I still have quite a few cherry recipes bookmarked as well! I’ve already made these darling little Sour Cherry Financiers and Sour Cherry Almond Cake. I’ve also made some fabulous cookies that I will share with you later, though I need to try them again before blogging about them. The flavor is great, but my butter was not at the right consistency when I made them so they came out cakey. Soon!

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What did you do that was thrifty this week?

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  1. SUGAR B says

    I always look forward to your Thrifty Thursdays posts. They are the best.

    You are soooooooooo lucky to live nearby farms and what not. I am in the middle of the burbs but I am blessed with a Trader's Joe and a Smart and Final. :)

    Happy Thursday to you!

  2. The Blonde Duck says

    I wish we had farmer's markets like that! We've been having such a terrible drought that all the farms are struggling!

  3. Tami says

    I would give anything to have these kinds of fresh veggies and fruits available near us! Even our farmer's markets are pricey around here.

    You're so lucky! Those cherries look so good!

  4. Erin Orr says

    I'm into blackberries like you're into sour cherries. My MIL lets me pick all of hers, and then the rest of the family makes fun of me for having 30-some cups of frozen blackberries in my freezer. They'll thank me when they're eating warm blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream on Super Bowl Sunday!
    I've been gone awhile, but I always like Thrifty Thursdays (and the rest of your posts!)…thanks for doing this!

  5. margot says

    Wow, those are some awesome deals! I would love to have a neighbor with a cherry tree, have fun making the jam!

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