Egg White Omelet

I bake a lot. I’m sure you already know that since you are most likely subscribed to this blog. :) When making ice cream and other custard based desserts, often times you will use just the yokes and not the whites of the eggs. You can freeze the extra egg whites for another day, or you can whip up a quick egg white omelet for breakfast! They have plenty of protein but less cholesterol than a regular omelet and they taste wonderful! Whatever you do, don’t throw those egg whites away!

Egg White Omelet
2-3 egg whites
handful of shredded soft white cheese, such as pepper jack, havarti or swiss
1 tsp diced bell pepper, any color
1 tsp onion

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1 tsp diced mushroom
salt and pepper to taste
The veggies are optional and you can substitute them. I didn’t have any on hand the day I made this omelet, but I usually make them with all the veggies above.
Oil skillet with olive oil or cooking spray and saute the vegetables until tender, a couple minutes. Remove vegetables and set aside. Whip egg whites with a whisk until frothy. Add egg white to hot skillet and tip pan to ensure egg covers the skillet bottom. Allow to cook over medium-high heat until outer edges are cooked, center will still be wet and slightly jiggly. Sprinkle with cooked veggies and shredded cheese. Lift edge with spatula and fold over to other side and allow to cook until center is set, just a minute or so. Slide onto plate and season with salt and pepper.

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What did you do that was thrifty this week?

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  1. finsmom says

    My hubby and I have egg white omlettes almost every day for breakfast – this looks so much tastier than the ones I make!

  2. Michele says

    Hi Amanda! Just wanted to say that I recently started doing this with the egg whites. It was so convenient during the week when I only had one egg left and was making chicken cutlets. I just threw in a frozen egg white and it saved the day!

  3. Diann says

    I never thought to freeze the whites before. thanks for the tip!

    Click my name for my Thrifty Thursday post!

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