Thrifty Thursday: Week #15

Thrifty is…

using up leftover bratwurst to make Bratwurst and Potatoes for the next night’s dinner.

Thrifty is NOT
being careless thus not following the directions carefully on the homemade rolls recipe, thus wasting all the ingredients. ARGGH!

Ok so thrifty doesn’t always work, even if you have good intentions. So what is the lesson to learn from this? Always be sure to check, double check, and check the instructions AGAIN whenever you are making a recipe you haven’t tried before. 

Yep, I messed up, making this recipe so sticky and unworkable it was ridiculous. Toss in more flour you say? You have no idea how much extra I added until finally I admitted defeat. The batter had beaten me and all I could do was succomb. Oh well. 
What did you do that was thrifty this week?

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  1. Troy says

    I started reading your blog when I was researching my article on chives that will appear on my blog later this week. My wife pointed out your recipe for chive potato salad from week 9. Hope you don't mind if I borrow it for my article.

    This is the first time I have linked with any blog, I am just getting my blog going and still learning how to do this, so I hope it works OK.

  2. Amanda says

    Thanks guys, yes it was my fault though. Frustrating yes, but a learning experience as well :)

    Troy – no problem, hope you'll enjoy it, I know I did! :) Welcome to Thrifty Thursdays :)

  3. Cheri Sicard says

    SOrry about the rols. Sometimes, especially with baking, it's a goo didea to admit defeat, trying to doctor it too much usually results in something so dense and heavy you wouldn't want to eat it anyway ( I speak from experience — I mess up too).

    This week at the FabulousFoods blog we have an interview with and recipes from Charles Mattocks, AKA The Poor Chef, who has a great new cookbook of cheap and but good recipes!

  4. Memória says

    I didn't eat out for over a week. This is a big deal for me since I used to eat out ever day from my childhood years to an adult. Now that I have started enjoying cooking and baking, I no longer see a need to eat out as much. In fact, I prepare the food I make to that of restaurants. Most of their food is now mediocre to me :(.

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