Monster Brownies

If you know me, you know I’m crafty. I even have a separate blog just for my crafts. Halloween does something to me creatively each year. I don’t know what it is about Halloween, but I go on a crafting craze!  Lately I am completely obsessed with making monsters. So when the fun folks over at General Mills offered up a challenge to several food bloggers I jumped at the chance! The challenge was to make a festively sweet treat for Halloween using some of their cereals. I knew right away what I would be making!

I give you Brownie Monster Treats! Because decorating these treats can be time consuming, I chose to use a boxed brownie mix. You can certainly use your favorite recipe or do the same. I used three cereals: Trix, Cheerios and Cocoa Puffs. To make things easier on myself and to make this kid friendly, I also used Betty Crocker decorating cookie icing. Pretty cool stuff, Royal Icing in a bag! They sell all the colors I needed, but my rinky dink grocery store only had red, green and white, so I used some gel food coloring to get what I wanted. The icing from the bag dried much smoother, so I would definitely recommend buying the colors you want over mixing it yourself.

Here’s something fun too. Because this is Royal icing, that means the frosting is dry (unless you use the gel like I did, that never dries LOL) so you can package them in cellophane gift baggies. While you are at it, be sure to make some bread tag monsters to close the treat bags with!

So now, on with the show!

Monster Brownie Treats
printable version

Boxed brownie mix
Betty Crocker Cookie Icing in desired colors
Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, and Trix cereals
Mini chocolate chips
Pretzel sticks
Red and black decorator gel
1/4 cup powdered sugar

First prepare your brownies and allow them to cool. I refrigerated mine so that I could get nice clean cuts. When your brownies are ready to be cut, cut off the edges and eat them :) (you could share too, just sayin’) and cut the brownies into different sized rectangles and squares. I cut some of the odd shaped leftovers into triangles too.

Make the Eyes
It’s important to do this step first to allow adequate time for the glaze to dry. To make the eyes you’ll need any variety of Cheerios, some mini chocolate chips, powdered sugar and a little milk. Place the powdered sugar into a small bowl. Using a spoon, stir in some milk, a little bit at a time, until the consistency is good enough for dipping. Start with about a teaspoon and add a couple drops at a time until you get it where you want it.

Drop a few Cheerios into the glaze coating the cereal. Use a spoon to lift the cereal out of the glaze and place on a wax paper lined cookie sheet.

Place a mini chocolate chip, upside down, in the center of each glazed Cheerio. Gently press the mini chip to set. Set aside.

Icing Colors
You could certainly use your own recipe for Royal icing, I have one myself as well. However, because this is such a great recipe for kids to get involved in, using these prepackaged icings is an excellent alternative. They are available in all of the colors that I used by my store only had a few. Therefore, I added some gel food coloring to mix up my colors. This icing is great, squeezes right out of the tube and onto the brownie, love it!

If you have to mix, like I did, you might find the easiest way to apply the mixed icing is with a new paintbrush.

Gently press Trix and Cocoa Puffs cereals into the frosted brownies for the monsters’ polka dots. Lift the eyes from the waxed paper using a toothpick and gently press onto the frosted brownie. You can use pretzel sticks for arms and legs, and add eyebrows, mouths and hair using decorator gel.

Then you eat them! Nom.

Here are some close ups to give you some monsterous ideas for decorating :)

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101 Responses to Monster Brownies

  1. 1
    Maria says:

    SO creative! I love these!!

  2. 2
    jose manuel says:

    Que bonitos te han quedado. Geniales.

  3. 3
    Sue says:

    These are ADORABLE, Amanda! Love them! You've done it again:)

  4. 4
    Amanda says:

    Thank you Maria, they were TOTALLY fun! :)

    Thank you Jose, you always say such nice things :)

    Thanks Sue! Coming from a master cookie decorator like yourself, I am honored by the compliment :)

  5. 5
    Beansieleigh says:

    Hi Amanda! What a great post! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your brownies!!! Thanks for sharing a how-to, so we can try them too!.. Have a great day! ~tina

  6. 6
    sugarswings says:

    so cute! found you from edible crafts (another fav)…will have to try these out…thx for sharing!

  7. 7
    Mo 'Betta says:

    These are great! My kids would love them.

  8. 8
    Valerie says:

    Really cute! These are going on my treat list! Thanks for sharing

  9. 9
    briarrose says:

    Wicked cute!

  10. 10
    Bridgett says:

    These are so much fun! I definitely want to try these out with my kids. You have great ideas and are so creative. I love these.

  11. 11
    Nutmeg Nanny says:

    Awesome! I love these. I will have to make them with the little one I watch :)

  12. 12
    Amnah says:

    Those are so cute!

  13. 13
    Katrina says:

    Love these, Amanda! GREAT job.

  14. 14
    Marie says:

    How cute! Great tips here as well! Loved this whole post! xxoo

  15. 15
    Barbara @ Modern Comfort Food says:

    These are super-fun, Amanda! It's such a joy to see what you come up with in recipes when you combine your great cooking with your uber-creative crafter chops.

  16. 16
    Kudos Kitchen says:

    These are so funny and cute Amanda!

  17. 17
    Beth says:

    So cute. I love them!

  18. 18
    buttersweetmelody says:

    I love them! i love cute monsters! I am really bad at decorating though. I don't knOW if I could make them ):
    Yours are so lovely! Thanks!



  19. 19
    cookies and cups says:

    So very very cute!!!

  20. 20
    wm says:

    Thank you! I've just been invited to a party where I'm supposed to bring something scary. This might be perfect.

  21. 21
  22. 22
    Corinna says:

    These are so cute! I love this idea!


  23. 23
    Amanda says:

    Thanks so much everyone! These aren't only fun to make they taste great too. The kids "ate them up" so to speak :) Thanks!

  24. 24
    Jill and Mike says:

    Those are adorable. I'll have to give these a shot soon!!

  25. 25
    Not Just A Mommy! says:

    Wow! These are awesome! We are having a Monster Mash party this year, and I'm so adding this to my ideas folder!

  26. 26
    Ashleigh says:

    Seriously Adorable! I'm going to have to try this!

  27. 27
    Kathryn says:

    What a fun treat! That would be the perfect entry for our Halloween Recipe Contest! You can read all about it here. I hope you decide to enter it!

  28. 28
    Amanda says:

    You guys are all so nice, thanks so much!

  29. 29
    Eva Marie Harp says:

    My kids will love them thank you for sharing.

  30. 30
    Heather says:

    What a great idea for eyes!! My son is allergic to eggs and every edible eye I can find has egg whites. I may dip the cheerios in white chocolate…

  31. 31
    Amanda says:

    Thank you Eva!

    Heather – I thought about using white chocolate too, but the powdered sugar glaze is so easy and much less expensive. If you don't want to use milk in the glaze, you can use water with equally good results :)

  32. 32
    Lana @ Never Enough Thyme says:

    Wow, Amanda! You've done it again. These are so cute and you're just the most creative person I know. Very cool idea!

  33. 33
    Culinary Cory says:

    I saw this on FoodGawker late last night when I was looking for a brownie recipe. They totally caught my attention. Super cute!

  34. 34
    Jennifer says:

    Amanda these are SO cute!!! I'm forwarding to my sister- who has 3 boys who would love these!

  35. 35
    Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] says:

    These are absolutely adorable, Amanda. You're super creative :)

  36. 36
    Cookie Madness says:

    Too cute!!!

  37. 37
    Marie {Make and Takes} says:

    These are awesome! So MONSTROUS!!!

  38. 38
    Amanda says:

    Thanks you guys! Your comments all made me smile!! :)

  39. 39
    Megan says:

    Amanda, these are the cutest brownies ever. You should be the winner of the cereal contest, hands down!

  40. 40
    Jenny @ Embellishing Life says:

    Now those are too cute and fun to eat! I saw your post through Be Different…Act Normal.


  41. 41
    Christine says:

    Those look awesome! scary:)
    Great job!

  42. 42
    Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures says:

    Those are really cute. I like how you made the eyes. That was really fun and a good idea.

  43. 43
    Jenglamgirl says:

    I adore all your cute colorful playful fun SCARY monsters. THESE ARE SO DARN CUTE! LOVE THEM! Jen

  44. 44
    C.R.A.F.T. says:

    these are so CUTE :) come on over and link up to MMM!!

  45. 45
    Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    These are so cute and look yummy!
    They're spooktacular.

    I hope you have stopped by and entered my Fab Fall French Giveaway.

  46. 46
    Barbara Bakes says:

    I love your little monsters. I love your little monster bread tag idea even more. So clever!

  47. 47
    Leslie says:

    These are soooo freakin cute Amanda!!!!

  48. 48
    Meg says:

    How FUN! I love this idea! Definitely trying it out!
    I'd love for you to check out my giveaway going on now! http://alittleknickknack.blogspot.com/2010/10/felt-headband-giveaway.html
    Have a great day!

  49. 49
    Amanda says:

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments! :) :)

  50. 50
    Jenn says:

    These are fantastic!!! Love all the colors! I think I know what we're going to have to do for my son's birthday treat…November 2nd is close enough to Halloween for monsters to still be applicable!! :)

  51. 51
    Jennifer Juniper says:

    Between these brownies and the monster cupcakes someone linked up last week – I feel a monster Halloween party coming on!

  52. 52
    Tasty Eats At Home says:

    These are adorable! I read the title of this post and I'm just thinking "monster" as in "really big". Gee, how anti-Halloween am I? :)

  53. 53
    Larissa says:

    I LOVE these. My little boy is sitting on my lap asking me to make these. Now I need to go through the rest of your blog AND visit your crafting blog…I sense some cooking a crafting fun coming. I love a good recipe blog AND I love a good recipe blog. SO excited.

    Stop by sometime.

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  54. 54
    polwig says:

    These ares adorable, fun to make an eat

  55. 55
    Amanda says:

    Thank you guys! You are awesome!

  56. 56
    Chef Fresco says:

    Haha! OMG these are seriously THE best brownies I have ever seen!! Love them. One day when I have kids, I imagine making these for school parties and all the kids totally loving it.

  57. 57
    Jackie at Phamfatale.com says:

    So creative! Can't wait to make these cut monsters and bring them to the girls' school for Halloween :)

  58. 58
    Heidi says:

    okay – these are SO stink'n cute! my boys would LOVE making them!

    popp'n over from tutorial tuesday,

  59. 59
    Megan says:

    holy cuteness!!!! I"m featuring these in a post tomorrow on crazydomestic.com. Feel free to grab our "I was featured" button, thanks for the SUPER cute idea!!!!

  60. 60
    A Little Bit of Everything! says:

    Oh, I just love these! Thanks for sharing.

  61. 61
    Biz says:

    You are so creative Amanda! Love these – I may steal it for my office party – I am dressing up as Paula Dean!

    Hope all is well with you.

  62. 62
    Kim says:

    These are some of the cutest things I've seen all season – fabulous job!

  63. 63
    Mags says:

    I love it when your "crafty" carries over into your cooking. Those monsters are…umm…adorable?

  64. 64
    Melissa says:

    These are amazing! WOW!! What a clever idea!!!! I love these monster brownies! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  65. 65
    To Mommies and Beyond says:

    Hello there. I am a new follower via Blog Hopping.Please visit @ http://www.mommiesandbeyond.com
    Have a great weekend!

  66. 66
    Meaghan Frubalee says:

    okay, ummmmmm, these are EPIC! i cannot believe how awesome this is… they are…these are…

    for 2:30 AM, that sounds right.

    my point simply is, when it is next NOT 2AM then i am going to make these. it's first on the list of things to do, these are great! thanks so much for posting them, love your blog!!


  67. 67
    Ruth says:

    My boy and I have made these twice now! They are awesome!

  68. 68
    Amanda says:

    Thanks everyone!!

    I saw them Ruth, they were SO cute!

  69. 69
    Minny says:

    Really cute Amanda!! I don't have the patience anymore to do much cookie decorating. When my kids were little, we decorated cookies at holiday time, but I just don't have the patience to do it now.. blame it on "ole timer's" LOL

  70. 70
    Amanda Padgett says:

    Love this idea, thank you!! We will be doing this next week for sure!

    Clicked over from Living Locurto.

  71. 71
    Anonymous says:

    What fun. The kids loved making these brownies! You can see some pictures on my blog:


    Can't wait to try something else! thanks for the wonderful ideas AND the well written info. (funny stuff)

  72. 72
    marla {family fresh cooking} says:

    Amanda, I love that we are both on the Betty Crocker site for our cereal Halloween creations. Your treats are so freaking cute! xo

  73. 73
    Amanda says:

    Thanks ladies!

    Loved the brownie pics Anon! So cute!

    marla – I know right, so fun to be on Betty Crocker! Loved yours too!

  74. 74
    Josh and Melinda says:

    These are AWESOME! I didn't do you justice, but tried my hand this Halloween and blogged about it!

  75. 75
    Amanda says:

    They were so cute Melinda!

  76. 76

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    i LOVE those! I can’t wait to make them with my children!

    Found you at Red Ted Art. xx

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  79. 79
    theresa says:

    Hi, are the icings betty crocker available in canada. they are so nice brownies!!!!

  80. 80
    Kelli says:

    Amanda these brownies are adorable! I have been wanting to make them forever, and I finally did this weekend! I posted about them {with a link back to you} here: http://the-wilson-world.blogspot.com/2011/10/monster-brownies-halloween-costumes.html Thanks for the awesome inspiration! My boys are going to love them at our Halloween party tonight:)

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  84. 84
    Design a cake online says:

    This are the cutest monsters i’ve ever seen :). I showed the post to my 6 year old, and we are going to try and bake them tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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