Menu Planning

Do you plan your meals? Over the years I have gone on and off the menu planning band wagon. When I plan my menu, my grocery shopping is more organized, I make less mid-week trips to the grocer, and best of all, I always know the answer to that question.. “Mom! What’s for dinner?”

I’m dying to hear from you  and to tell you all of my ideas for planning your menu so you can eat dinner with your family each night. Head over to my post on menu planning and share your ideas too!

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  1. Jason's BBQ Adventures says

    Always plan. When I don't, grocery bill goes through the roof. Especially when it comes down to figuring out what I want to blog about.

  2. Megan says

    I have tried and tried to menu plan – but it always seems to fall apart mid week. If you have any tips I'd love to hear them. Especially now that the kids are in school.

  3. Mags says

    I'm on again off again too when it comes to menu planning, but I know that when I do menu plan, I spend less and throw away less than when I don't.

  4. Sportsgirl says

    I'm like you – I menu plan on and off. What I've found useful is to just go the the fruit and veggie store and buy whatever vegetables look good/are on special. Then I will buy meat at the supermarket that is reduced because it is close to it's use by date (as much as I can). I will freeze what I don't immediately need. The meals I make for the week are based around my purchases for the week. I find I'm saving money this way.

  5. Nutmeg Nanny says

    My job makes it's hard to menu plan. I wake up every morning not knowing if I'm working or not. Sometimes it's 3pm and all of a sudden I find out I'm not working. Then I just freak out and try to figure out something to make. I'm waiting for the day my boyfriend tells me I can be a "stay at home girlfriend" haha :)

  6. Debbie says

    I always say that I am going to menu plan but just never follow through. I think it is a great idea. Lately I have been working later so that makes it difficult, but I'm telling you that one of these days I am going to start to do it!!!!

  7. Angie says

    I start grocery shopping by going to Publix, getting whatevers on sale, and enough for at least one day's, hopefully 2 day's meals. Then I reevaluate what's left in the fridge the next day, buy what I need to make it through 2-3 more days (hopefully Aldi's or Sam's), sometimes just one day if my son's yelling alot. This first shop is mostly just fruit and veggies. I always have a stock in the freezer of meats and a huge pantry stock of basic things. I get discouraged with menu planning, because when I plan on something, and it's ingredients, the grocery store will for sure be out of that one crucial ingredient, and I never have time to go to several stores on one outing. So I go to the store with 2-3 dinners in mind, and just get what looks good.

  8. marla {family fresh cooking} says

    I am a planner, but I let the meals kind of happen 'cause I always have the right ingredients on hand :) LOVE leftovers!

  9. Sue says

    You are just full of great ideas! Now I just need to implement some of them! I am more off again, than on. Now that the kids are gone, I've sort of slacked off with the dinner hour! Terrible, I know.

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