Katie Kinser’s French Bread

I made this a while ago. I found the recipe at Rachael’s fabulous blog, La Fuji Mama. This is a simple bread and it browns beautifully. Rachael also makes a wonderful 1 hour bread that I will hopefully share next week!

Note when I made this bread, I had some pretty dull knives. Therefore my cuts look terrible. I’ve since bought a few and my cuts come out much nicer :)

Thanks Rachael, this is a great recipe. :)

Katie Kinser’s French Bread
Makes 2 large loaves

[printable recipe]

1 1/2 Tbsp. or 2 packets (1/4 oz./7 g each) dry active yeast
1/2 cup warm water
1/2 tsp. granulated sugar
2 cups hot water
3 Tbsp. granulated sugar
1 Tbsp. salt
1/2 cup oil
5 – 6 cups all-purpose flour

1. Dissolve yeast, warm water, and 1/2 teaspoon granulated sugar in a small bowl.

2. In a large bowl or stand mixer, combine hot water, 3 tablespoons granulated sugar, salt, and oil. Add 3 cups of flour to the mixture in the large bowl/mixer and mix well. Stir in yeast mixture.

3. Add 2 – 3 cups more flour and mix until well blended. (At this point your dough will still be quite sticky). Leave in bowl and let rise for 1 hour, mixing a few strokes a couple of times during the hour.

4. Divide dough into 2 (or 3 if you want smaller loaves) pieces. Roll out each piece on a floured surface into the length desired then roll up length wise like a jelly roll.

5. Put on a greased cookie sheet, sealed side down, and tuck the ends under. Slash the top diagonally across the top every couple of inches with a sharp knife. Brush with egg white. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Let loaves rise 30 more minutes.

6. Bake for 25 – 30 minutes.

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21 Responses to Katie Kinser’s French Bread

  1. 1
    Jelli Bean says:

    I always love new bread recipes! I'd love to see a picture of the centers of these loaves. Good work!

  2. 2
    Fuji Mama says:

    So glad you liked it! XOXO

  3. 3
    Nutmeg Nanny says:

    Nothing makes me more happy that fresh baked bread! When I was a kid I would fill up on bread and then never have any room for dinner….haha.

  4. 4
    jose manuel says:

    Muy buena receta de pan. Exquisita. Gracias.

  5. 5
    Ingrid says:

    LOL, I didn't notice anything about your cuts until you said something though they look fine to me.

    Almost everytime I comment lately that sweet, but sad looking turkey is staring me my comment! I feel like he doesn't like what I'm saying. :)

  6. 6
    Mags says:

    Wow Amanda, that's some great looking bread! I'm always on the lookout for new bread recipes so I'll keep this one bookmarked.

  7. 7
    Heather says:

    What delicious looking bread! The recipe looks quite manageable too – not one of those 2 day multi processing loaves. Great job.

  8. 8
    LDH says:

    I so love to make bread and this looks great. My son-in-law loves French bread so I'll give this one a try for him :)

  9. 9
    Marie says:

    Fabulous looking bread Amanda! I am in awe of you. I don't make great bread at all!! Oh, I accidentally deleted all my e-mails and so I lost your instructions on how to get a fan page on Facebook. Dare I ask you to send them again. Please pretty please??? xxoo

  10. 10
    Katrina says:

    That looks perfect!

  11. 11
    modcom says:

    Beautiful recipe, beautiful picture, and beautiful writing. What's not to love here?

  12. 12
    Pam says:

    Nothing like warm fresh bread out of the oven…yum!!


  13. 13
    TeaLady says:

    Your bread came out beautifully. Made some french bread a couple of weeks ago but it didn't look neary this pretty.

  14. 14
    noobcook says:

    Your bread looked really beautiful and perfectly browned. I can almost smell the aroma from here :)

  15. 15
    margot says:

    French bread is my favorite, those loaves look wonderful.

  16. 16
    Barbara Bakes says:

    Your bread looks delicious! I can just imagine how amazing it smelled while it was baking!

  17. 17
    PheMom says:

    Mmmm… that bread does look really great!

    Just wanted to let you know you WON!! :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


  18. 18
    Culinary Cory says:

    I love crusty breads. Yours looks great!

  19. 19

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  20. 20
    Kathrine says:

    Can I freeze some of the dough before baking? I would like to bake one and freeze one for later.

    • 20.1

      Hi Katherine. Any time you want to freeze a yeast dough you need to parbake it first. Set the oven temperature according to the recipe instructions, then bake until a light crust has formed but the crust has not begun to brown yet. Usually just enough to hold its shape. This is USUALLY about half the baking time, but don’t go by that, just keep your eye on it. Then remove from the oven and cool. Once cooled, wrap and freeze! When you want to bake it, place frozen loaf on a cookie sheet and bake at the temperature in the recipe for about 3/4 of the time recommended. Depending on your oven, you may need to bake it the full time.

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