June in January Cake

Vintage recipe - June in January Cake by @amandaformaro Amanda's Cookin'

The idea behind this cake is that you can enjoy some June (strawberries you harvested or purchased and put in your freezer) in January when it’s still cold and strawberries are out of season. Of course, it’s not January anymore, but you can enjoy a piece of this beautiful dessert any time you want. And actually, it’s almost June, so go ahead and enjoy some June in June Cake if you like! This vintage white cake could also be enjoyed with other fruits, either way it’s a winner.

Vintage recipe - June in January Cake by @amandaformaro Amanda's Cookin'

When I first came across this it was on Pinterest, I had saved it to my vintage recipes board. There wasn’t much to the post, which I found on a site called Mid Century Menu. Since I wasn’t completely sure if that vintage ad was all there was available, I used the info I found at that site to track it down. The post said that the recipe was from “Betty Crocker’s How To Have The Most Fun With Cake Mixes, 1957″. That’s literally all the information that was available. I searched, and googled, and did image searches and everything came up dry.

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Luckily for me, I’m in cahoots with the fine folks at General Mills. :) I work with Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, along with several other GM brands, and I do crafts for the Kix Cereal site. So needless to say, I have a few friends there. I reached out to my friend Julie at GM and she tracked down that recipe booklet for me. Turns out, this is all there was after all.
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1957 Betty Crocker Cake Mix recipe booklet from Amanda's Cookin'

Here’s the page from the booklet. it doesn’t really say if they use a whipped topping, like a shortcake would, which they reference, or a white frosting. I went with a white frosting.

You can get the complete recipe from me over at Recipe Lion.


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    Hi Amanda!
    Feel free to email me if you ever have a question. The image was scanned from my collection, so I have all the reference material hanging around. If your lovely cake sources didn’t mention this to you, this specific pamphlet is a pamphlet about ideas for using cake mixes, so all the “ideas” are short and too the point. I am not sure on this one, but I think that instead of whip cream or frosting, they used soften vanilla ice cream spread on the cake! Just an idea, but your version looks good, too!

    • says

      Hey Ruth, thanks so much for that! After General Mills sent me the scan, I figured by looking at it that there weren’t any actual recipes, just the short ideas. I bet softened vanilla ice cream would have been marvelous. When I read that excerpt under the cake photo, I assumed they meant to serve the ice cream along side, but now that you mention it I could see it going either way. Thanks again, you have a fun site!


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