I’m testing out Bluebird, heard of it?

I'm testing out Bluebird, heard of it?

I don’t carry cash too often anymore. Mostly I live off my debit cards and only get cash when I absolutely need it. Back in March I visited Florida. My husband and I decided to load two prepaid debit cards with money so we would each have something without carrying cash around. While they worked fine, there were some limitations that I assumed was par for the course with all debit cards.

Several weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I had heard of Bluebird. She’s a merchandiser, one of those vendors you see in the grocery stores stocking the shelves with their products. They don’t work for the grocery store, but rather the vendor that sells the product to the stores. Anyway, she’s in a lot of stores everyday, including several Walmart stores in the vicinity. She had noticed the big bluebird displays, maybe you have too, and thought of me when she saw them.

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Luck would have it that American Express contacted me a little while ago and asked if I would like to try out Bluebird. The timing was absolutely perfect. I knew I could really put this product to the test and was eager to try it. So over the next few weeks you’ll see updates from me on how it’s going. I can tell you that I’m already impressed. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and look forward to sharing all of my findings.
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More updates coming soon!

This post is brought to you by American Express though all opinions that you read here and completely and 100% mine.


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