Beef Ziti Casserole

Every six months we buy a side of beef. It’s much more cost efficient than paying grocery store prices and the beef tastes so much better. I get tons of ground beef so I am always looking for good recipes…

This one I found at Annie’s Recipes. I will be entering this in the February Cooking With Alicia & Annie blog event. It reminded me of Hamburger Helper, which I’m not a huge fan of. I’ll eat it, but I usually don’t buy it. This recipe is good, everyone ate it, but I’m also not much of a casserole fan so I probably wouldn’t make it again. However, if you enjoy casseroles or are a Hamburger Helper fan, this is definitely a recipe you may want to try! This filled a 13x9x2 pan and I actually used about 3/4 lb of the ziti. Served 7 easily.

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This can definitely be considered a frugal recipe too if you buy things on sale:
  • Canned tomatoes, green beans and corn can all be found in generic or on sale for 30-50 cents a can.
  • Sharp cheddar can be high, but if you buy it on sale or in bulk there’s definitely a savings there.
  • Ziti can be found for $1.00 per one pound box
  • Ground beef can be found on sale for as low as $1.59 per pound sometimes!
  • While Campbell’s soups are often a bit higher, if you use coupons or buy generic you can get some good buys.

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Share your favorite ground beef recipes with me, I am always looking for them!

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  1. The Food Librarian says

    What a yummy and economical meal! Thanks for sharing it. A side of beef…wow, you must have an extra freezer? Or does it all fit?

  2. Amanda says

    MaryBeth – Thank you!

    Food Librarian – The side of beef fits in our chest freezer in the garage, though we do get a little spill over that has to go into the freezer in the fridge. It’s so worth it! it helps that the cows live a couple miles away, so I know what I’m getting ;-)

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