Gauging interest: Thrifty Thursday?

Update! If you think you might like to participate in Thrifty Thursdays (see info below) then let’s practice by adding your link at the end of this post! Look for the “Mr. Linky” box to add yourself :) 

I participate in a few different blog events pretty regularly. They are listed below, but if you prefer skip all that, go down to the end to read about Thrifty Thursday!

Blog Events I am a Part of
There’s Tuesdays with Dorie where a TON of marvelous bakers all make the same recipe (chosen each week by a different participant) from Dorie Greenspan’s book Baking: From My Home to Yours. It’s a lot of fun going around to the different blogs and seeing how their baking creation turned out and posting comments with everyone :)

Another is Cooking With Alicia & Annie, where anyone can join, choose any recipe(s) from their websites ( or Then blog about and post your comment with your link to your blog post. There’s also a bonus prize each month, fun kitchen gadgets, bakeware, and other cooking goodies, all US blog event participants are eligible to win. Would love to see more bloggers involved in this one! :)

I also participate in the Cookie Carnival, which I haven’t completed yet this month! Need to get on that. Basically there’s one cookie recipe chosen and everyone makes it.

I also used to participate in Bookmarked Recipes, but it moved and I didn’t know where it went, until today! Ruth was kind enough to let me know :)  

How About Thrifty Thursdays??
Anyway, while I love to constantly try new recipes, I find it a challenge to make some of them because I may not have all the ingredients. In these tough economic times, I and many others like me are trying to tighten our belts and save money wherever we can. Running to the store every time I want to try something new isn’t always feasible. Making home cooked meals every night for dinner is a big part of saving money. The amount of cash that people dish out for fast food is astronomical, but sometimes it can be really hard when you work full time, have soccer practice, dance recitals and a barrage of others things going on. That’s where the idea behind Thrifty Thursdays comes in!

My thought was that anyone who wants to participate can post something on Thursday with “Thrifty Thursday” in the title, whether it be a cost effective recipe, a fun gadget you got from a thrift store or garage sale, or maybe a great sale on some edibles! In your post link to the blog event for the week so others can join too! Whatever it is, we can do a round up, everyone can visit each other’s frugal find(s) or creation(s) for the week and we’ll all glean some new ideas and tips. I can get one of those Mr Linky things to make the round up easy. The only requirement would be that the post needs to be food, kitchen, garden or home related.

Well? What do you think? Ideas? Suggestions? Hate it? Love it? Would you join me???? :) I think it would be lots of fun!

ANOTHER DELICIOUS IDEA >>  Homemade Powdered Sugar


  1. Emily says

    I lovve the idea! I’m not part of any blog events but it sounds fun!

    I’m a college student so any frugal recipes will be a God send!

  2. Cheri Sicard says

    I love the idea. I don’t currently participate in any blog events, but I would make an effort to do this one. I think my readers would love it.

  3. Tami says

    I’d love to take part in this because it sounds like a lot of fun. I’m not sure how often I will get to post because with my husband’s days off being Thurs. and Friday, I’m not home a lot during those days–but I will try!

    I love reading thrifty meal tips and other ideas that help to save money!

  4. Amanda says

    Glad to hear it! I think it will be fun. :)

    Tami – and anyone else that might have difficulty posting on Thursday, don’t forget that you can type a post any time you want and schedule it for a future date. So if Thursday is rough for you, post it on Tuesdays and schedule it for Thursday. Then all you have to do is pop in on Thursday and add your link!

    I need to go find that mr linky thingy LOL

  5. Amanda says

    Annie’s will participate too! If you guys like, come back to this post and add your link! See the end of the post for the form to add your link :)

  6. Barb, sfo says

    I’d enjoy participating in this as well. And I know that many of the Frugal Forum members at FamilyCorner would visit on Thursdays to get new ideas :)

  7. Frugal Scholar says

    I try to do something thrifty every day, but will try to remember to post on Thursdays. I tend to be forgetful! Thanks for finding me.

  8. Lynn / vigilant20 says

    Hah! Good thing we get a practice link, I messed up the first try.

    Thanks for pointing me in this direction. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to participate, but I’ll keep an eye out and join in when I can :)

  9. Navita says

    Hey Amanda…long time no see…so I stopped by to say hi…n also to thank u..i did recive the money order last tuesday/wednesday…but am busy with my in-laws visiting so couldn’t inform you. Do thank the sponsores from my side too plz :)

  10. MaryBeth says

    This sounds like a great idea and very fun and I would love to join, but I am not always home or avail to do a posting on a Thursday night. That being said I can’t wait to see what everyone else will have to offer.

  11. Carrie says

    I would love to participate. I usually post a frugal recipe on Thursdays at the Vintage Frugal Mom blog…. so it works out great!!!

  12. Amanda says

    Barb – glad to hear it, would love to see you participate!

    Frugal scholar – don’t forget you can subscribe and i will post the link on Thursday, then everyone can come back and post their link at that point. You can always schedule your post early through your control panel too :)

    Lynn – it will be great to have you join us!

    navita – Great! Thanks for being so patient!

    Marybeth – you can always schedule a post on a day before thursday, sch4edule it for thursday and then just come here and add your link :)

    Carrie – That’s great! Spread the word if you know others that would like to play along :)

  13. Amanda says

    Zo, Mrthe, Donna and Ash – Yay! So glad everyone will be participating! I think the Mr Linky thing is really going to make things easy too. if you haven’t added your link, be sure to do so!

  14. Ruth E says

    Hey Amanda

    This sounds like a good idea. I’ll get thinking of what to send you way when you start this.


    PS could you edit your post to say that bookmarked recipes does still happen and that it’s hosted over at – I don’t want to confuse people, I hope you understand.

  15. Amanda says

    katherine and maria – Great looking forward to seeing your posts! Yes, I’m busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way :) Most of the other blogs are for my work, this blog is pleasure ;)

    Ruth – Thank you! I have just updated that!

  16. Judy says

    Love this idea. Have been shy about participating in other blog events because of the time involved, but this sounds fairly easy as far as time goes. Now if I can just get the linking stuff down.

  17. Amanda says

    Tealady and emily – Great! Hope you do!

    Judy – Glad to hear it, don’t be shy! Join us!

    Elle – good question :) No you don’t have to participate every week. It’s great if you do but not a requirement. You just can’t add your link on that particular week is all :) The idea here is that we provide our frugal finds and such and provide the link to your post so others can glean that info :)

    The first Thrifty Thursday is officially posted, please visit the blog!

  18. Erin O. says

    I’d be game for a Thrifty Thursday event! I’m always looking for ways to cut back, but still eat well. I’m really new to all this, so I might have questions, but I’d love to do it!

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