Folgers Gourmet Selections and Keurig Machine Giveaway!

Folgers Gourmet Selections and Keurig Machine Giveaway!That’s right, I’m giving away a SECOND Keurig brewing system! In addition to the Millstone giveaway now you can enter to win one of two different giveaway promotions! In addition, Folgers wants to offer you all a chance to win one of 500,000 samples they are giving away on their Facebook page!

So here’s the scoop. First, you’ll want to head over to the Folgers Facebook page and like it for a chance to win one of these flavors: Vanilla Biscotti, Baked Berry Cobbler, Coconut Cream Pie, Caramel Drizzle®, Toasted Hazelnut or Mocha Swirl. Then request your free sample (while supplies last)! Enjoy the perks of a gourmet coffee shop without ever leaving the house! Then come back here to enter to win a Keurig Brewing System and prize pack worth $250!

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Folgers has also introduced Folgers Gourmet Selections Classic Roast K-Cup® packs in Medium Roast and Folgers Gourmet Selections Morning Cafe® K-Cup packs in Light Roast. The best part of waking up, right? ;-) I don’t know about you, but Folgers has been a staple in this house since I moved away from home 26 years ago. So let’s giveaway some cool stuff!

The Giveaway

You must be 18 or older to enter, have a valid U.S. shipping address and enter this giveaway by the deadline date of October 31, 2012.

The Prizes

Here’s the goodies! A marvelous prize package, so be sure to use every opportunity for entry available in the form below. There are several ways to enter and on some of them you can enter daily!

Folgers Gourmet Selections Gourmet Coffee Sampler Kit (AVR $250)

·         (1) standard coffee machine

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·         (1) Keurig coffee machine

·         Full line of Folgers Gourmet Selections bagged flavor varieties (6 varieties)

·         New Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup®  Packs roast varieties (2 varieties)

·         Folgers Gourmet Selections branded mug

Double Entry

You are allowed to enter this giveaway AND the Millstone giveaway, but you can only win one of them. So that’s double chances to win, be sure to take advantage of it!

To Enter

Start in the box below and look for this:

In the box below, click on the “Do It” box. Once you’ve answered the simple question, another box will open up for an additional chance to enter. There are several options, so keep entering and remember to come back daily because some you can do everyday! Good luck!

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  1. says

    This is such a great giveaway! I love coffee, and have heard such great things about the Keurig but have never tried. Thank you for the entries!! :)

  2. Norma says

    Yup, another great giveaway. Would love to win this coffee maker for my husband….he’s the real coffee drinker in the house!

  3. MJ Moore (@butterflyrouge) says

    Folgers always always makes me think of my dad, it’s his loooong-time favorite brand! The scent makes me feel like a kid again. I basically gave up coffee when I got pregnant with my first child, but now I’m trying to keep up with two kids I am ready to start back up again…

  4. Kristina C says

    I take the challenge to say something awesome very seriously.

    My husband grew a beard this summer. At first I was pretty into it. Then it got long and kinda wooly and he started to look like a 6’2″ balding hipster. His job requires him to be outside a lot and it started to smell. Sometimes food would get stuck in it. So I bought him beard shampoo. I reminded him every day to use his beard shampoo. He did. He smelled pleasantly of coconuts.

    Then I told his band he was manscaping with coconut scented potions.

    He shaved the beard the next day.

  5. Jen S. says

    I didn’t know they had all of those flavors. They sound delicious. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.

  6. Laurie says

    I don’t understand the boxes you are referring to. The ones shown don’t open, so I don’t know if I entered the giveaway correctly.

    • says

      Look in the box where it says “ENTER TO WIN”. Then click the box that says +1 Do It. it will open a box with a question and give you a space to answer the it. When you are done with the question and you submit it, it will open up more boxes for additional chances to win.

  7. Dolly says

    I wish Giveaways like this were offered to people who choose not to be on Facebook so they can try really awesome products too! Good luck to everyone!!

    • says

      Dolly, the giveaway for the machine does not require that you be on Facebook, just the samples do. You are welcome to enter the giveaway on this blog for the Keurig prize package.

  8. stacy T. says

    AMANDA’S COOKIN’ <<<<< Pretty awesome, right???? You rock!!

    Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway! I <3 coffee. Cannot do without it in the mornings! I work at a fitness center and I open at 4:45 AM and I need all the help I can get! Can you tell I do NOT drink decaf, can you tell????? :)

    @slthrun3 on twitter
    ssff3tb3 at yahoo dot com

  9. dianne mcdonald says

    love the keurig tried at our sons house who lives in georgia, and again at our nephews in Illinois, my husband and myself love it.

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