Cooking with Alicia & Annie: Cookbook Giveaway!

NOTE: This has evolved into a Blog Event, rather than just a giveaway! With over 20,000 recipes to choose from it should take us quite a while to get through it :) Please join us! This month’s event ends tomorrow and the round up will be posted before the end of the month. For more info on how to join us, click here!

The fine folks at Taste of Home have generously donated this fabulous hardbound cookbook FILLED with delicious taste tested recipes. If you are like me, you know exactly who Taste of Home is and love their stuff! I have this cookbook here and am happy to report it’s delicious and have already made a recipe from it. Be sure to check the sidebar for the contest Taste of Home is hosting as well! Now on with ours…

Cooking with Alicia & Annie
Cookbook Giveaway!

Alicia & Annie need your help!

So who are Alicia and Annie? Well you see, I am doing some work for a couple of recipe sites, and that have asked that I spruce them up by testing out their recipes and adding some fabulous photos. The recipes in these two websites were compiled and entered by a woman who had collected them over many years.

The sites as you see them now are in their original form, so who better than the fabulous cooks and bakers of the blogging world to help improve their look! We see gorgeous photos of scrumptious recipes everyday on various blogs. Why not try some new recipes and be entered to win a fun prize while doing so? So while I do a little website redesign planning, I can’t wait to see your entries!

Here are the contest details:

Can you help us spread the word? We’d love to get this contest out to as many bloggers as we can! If you’d like to help you can upload this image to your sidebar and link it to this post. Thanks much!

Choose any recipe(s) you would like to try from either website: OR

ANOTHER DELICIOUS IDEA >>  Arby’s KING’S HAWAIIAN Roast Beef & a Trip to Honolulu!
You may choose as many recipes as you like, each completed recipe earns you an entry into the giveaway. Continue choosing recipes throughout the month, all entries must be in by the 26th of the month. This giveaway will occur monthly, so if you didn’t get your entry in for this month, save it for next month!

NOTE: IF you don’t have a blog, you can post your results on the FC message boards here

Once you have made the recipe, whether it worked or bombed, post your results (including any important comments that may be relevant to the recipe) and photos on your blog. Please use “Cooking with Alicia & Annie” in your blog post title along with the recipe name. [You can see an example post here.] If you prepare more than one recipe, you may post them all in one blog post or separate posts, however you prefer. 

You must also include a link on your blog post to the recipe where you found it on one of the above recipe sites.

Next, come back here and post a comment stating that you have made your recipe, please include the title of the recipe and a link to your blog post. IF you choose more than one recipe, be sure to post SEPARATE comments for each recipe. Each recipe that you make grants you an individual entry in the giveaway! SO if you make three recipes, you should post three comments here.

The winner of the Taste of Home Cookbook will be chosen at random via Winner will be posted here, so you may want to subscribe to follow up comments as well.

All qualifying entries will receive a link to their blog post from here for all to see and will be entered into the random drawing! in order for your entry to be qualified you must:

1) Prepare recipe
2) Post your comments & photos on your blog
3) Blog post title should say “Cooking with Annie & Alicia” followed by the recipe name
4) Blog post must include a link to the original recipe on Annie’s or Alicia’s
5) Post a comment on this contest blog post with your recipe title and a link to your blog post

Only comments that pertain to your blog posted recipe will be counted as an entry. Comments such as “sounds like fun”, “can’t wait to get started”, etc., will not count as an entry.

ANOTHER DELICIOUS IDEA >>  Giveaway ends on Sunday!
Please note that by entering this giveaway you agree to allow the use of your photograph as it pertains to any recipe you make from the above mentioned websites. and reserve the non-exclusive right to choose photos to post on said recipes on their website(s). Credit for photo will be given via first and last name of blogger.

Contest is open through October 26, 2008

Happy cooking! :)


  1. Bunny says

    WoW!! I must live a sheltered life cause i haven’t heard of this before but I’ll be picking out some recipes to try. Thanks so much Amanada for visiting my blog and yes you’re going into my blog list!

  2. Amanda says

    These both look wonderful ladies! Remember, you can enter more recipes if you like, each recipe earns you an entry in the drawing! :) You have until the 26th!

  3. Amanda says

    The results are beautiful Sara, so glad you found the contest! :) You can enter as many recipes as you want through the deadline of the 26th, then a new prize will be offered for November. So this is an ongoing contest! :)

  4. Dulzura Magica says

    Hi! I’d love to enter but my blog is in spanish so, would you like to see one of those recipes in español just let me know!! Thanx in advance for the reply…

  5. Amanda says

    Yes! You are welcome to enter, even in Spanish. The babelfish translator is a marvelous thing :) Looking forward to seeing your entry or entries!

  6. Amanda says

    I just wanted to thank everyone for entering! The Randomizer chose Tami of Tami's Kitchen Table Talk for her Cinnamon Apple WafFles! Congrats on winning the cookbook Tami!

    Be sure to check out the NEW HOME of Cooking with Alicia & Annie as this has evolved into a monthly blog event! There will still be bonus prizes, so be sure to check it out. In fact, November holds over $100 in baking goodies!! Visit here

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