Cookie Day With My Baby Girl on Instagram

Cookie Day With My Baby Girl on InstagramThursday afternoon a tweet landed in my twitter mention feed: “Craving some of your Mocha cookies you made ages ago!” The tweet came in from my best friend’s daughter, Dakota (pictured on right). Dakota is a freshman in college, but still close enough to come home on the weekends. My daughter, Kristen, is graduating from high school. The two of them have been friends since 1st grade. Dakota is like a 2nd daughter to me. I tweeted her back and suggested she come by and we’d all bake those cookies together. And so today we did just that.

Cookie Day With My Baby Girl on Instagram

Instagram photo from Dakota

The cookies that Dakota was craving are these Chocolate Chip Espresso Cookies. It’s been a while since I’ve made them and I had forgotten how good they really are!

Cookie Day With My Baby Girl on Instagram

Kristen scooping cookie dough

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As you may have heard, Instagram recently launched for Android. It’s been available for iPhone for a while, but us Andriod users have been sitting by waiting ever so patiently. The moment I heard about it I went and downloaded my app (you can find me on Instagram as amandascookin). At the time there were only 2,300-ish downloads. As of the writing of this post there were almost 146,000 downloads! So yeah, lots more instagram users now.

Cookie Day With My Baby Girl on InstagramWhile my phone camera doesn’t even come close to my regular camera, it’s definitely a really fun way to journal a day of fun, like our cookie day today. My daughter is moving on soon, so these pictures are important to me. More than Kristen will know for a while, at least until she sends her own daughter off to college. It chokes me up just thinking about it!

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Cookie Day With My Baby Girl on InstagramAs my kids get older I realize how much I will miss them when they’re gone. My daughter and I are very close, so it will be especially hard for me to let her go.. to let her fully grow up. Though she’s already done so much of that already. She’s a brilliant young woman and the world will be lucky to have her. I know I have been.

Cookie Day With My Baby Girl on InstagramI’m so excited for her future, so proud of the responsible, kind, compassionate young lady she has become. She’s passionate about the environment, cares deeply for others, and adores the animal kingdom. She loves God and is faithful to her beliefs. I have the fullest confidence in her and know she will do great things for this world we live in.

Cookie Day With My Baby Girl on InstagramI know the girls were growing tired of me constantly taking pictures, but someday they’ll understand that these are the days you want to remember. Forever.



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      Thanks Sue! I think she’ll stay at home at the beginning of her freshman year, but there’s no guarantees she won’t move out before the school year is over :(

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