Bluebird: Summing It All Up

Bluebird: Summing It All Up

Over the last couple of months I’ve been giving Bluebird from Walmart and American Express a test run. I’ve talked about using it for your everyday spending needs, planning for special projects, and using it as an alternative to gift cards. I’ve also covered purchase protection and other benefits the card offers.

My test run is over, but my relationship with this Bluebird card is not. It’s convenient, handy and beneficial. I think my favorite part about this card, aside from having direct deposit and a fee-free ATM anywhere I am, is the sub-account feature. Being able to have a card I can give to my teens and grown children is really great for this family. I have one in college living on her own, another who moved out recently and two teenage boys at home. As they grow they learn financial responsibility, and this is a great tool for me to help them with that learning process.

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My Bluebird Experience:

Bluebird for Everyday Spending – Groceries, clothing, tools, home and car repairs, you name it.

Using Bluebird to Plan for Special Projects – Ideal for vacation savings, home improvement projects, or special occasions.

An Alternative to Gift Cards – Great for graduations, birthdays, gift giving holidays, etc.

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Bluebird Purchase Protection and Other Benefits – Added security such as purchase protection on goods you buy, roadside assistance, fraud protection and more.

So, if you have walked past that big blue display at Walmart and wondered what it’s all about, read through my posts and share in my experiences. I think you’ll like what you see.

To find out all about Bluebird, check out any of the kiosk displays at your local Walmart or visit their website.

I was compensated for this series of posts, but the opinions expressed herein are completely and 100% mine.

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