Bluebird for Everyday Spending


As you know I’m chronicling my use of the new prepaid debit card available at Walmart from American Express called Bluebird. I wanted to give you another update. Several days ago I suggested Bluebird as a great alternative to gift cards, this week I want to talk about everyday spending.

Certainly everyone is finishing up their last minute Christmas shopping, but in between there are groceries that need to be purchased, automobile gas tanks that need filling, and the occasional pizza take out that must be paid for. Everyday spending.

The Bluebird card can be used anywhere that American Express is accepted. Walmart happens to be a store I shop at quite a bit, and they definitely accept American Express, and my local grocer right here in town does too. It’s easy to use as a credit or a debit card, making it a convenient way to pay for everyday expenses without having to carry cash with you.

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A couple of things I’ve run into:

  • Not all merchants accept American Express
  • You cannot get “cash over” on POS (point of sale) purchases

As an alternative to these situations I was able to quickly find an ATM close to my location.

money pass atms for bluebirdI downloaded the MoneyPass app on my iPhone (also available for Android) which then used my current satellite location to quickly find a list of no-fee ATMs in order of closest location. As you can see, there’s no shortage of fee-free ATMs! I love the app, very easy to use and allows super quick access when using the card at a merchant is not an option. You can also choose a specific address or a zip code to search for ATMs. it will first display a map, then choose the list icon in the upper right corner to see the list of ATMs and addresses.

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I’ll admit, I’m one to get cash back on my debit card during a purchase transaction. Often times I will do this to avoid any ATM fees that my bank and the ATM may charge me. While having to find an ATM is not the ideal situation, I would rather be able to use the card at the merchant, it’s definitely a good alternative if I ever need it.

We have successfully used the Bluebird card at gas stations, grocery stores, department stores and even online merchants. For everyday spending it’s a great source of funds to have on you!

Watch for my next update on the Bluebird card coming next week!



This post is brought to you by American Express though all opinions that you read here and completely and 100% mine.


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