Bite Size Ebooks

Several people have asked about a cookbook or ebook. I’m not into publishing a cookbook, that takes so much time, when would I cook or bake? So instead, I’m putting together a series of mini-ebooks called Bite Size Ebooks. Each one will contain 5 recipes that follow a theme with a bonus recipe thrown in. If you would like to purchase any of these ebooks just click the “buy” button below it.

If you would like to purchase multiple ebooks, at this time each one must be purchased individually. However, if you want to purchase more than two at a time, please email me and I will process the order manually for you. :)

Thank you for your interest in Amanda’s Cookin’ and for all of your wonderful feedback!

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The best lasagna, comforting baked ziti, elegant manicotti and more!Baked Pasta
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Amazing French Silk copycat, ooey gooey brownie pie, creamy mint and more!Dreamy Pies
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White chocolate, cream cheese filled heaven, pick a berry madness and plenty more!Coffee Cakes
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Baked Pasta

Thanks again for supporting Amanda’s Cookin’ and keeping me in the kitchen!