Banana Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

Bananas are one of my favorite fruits, and I adore cake, so it’s a match made in Heaven for me. This moist and delicious cake uses 4 ripe bananas as well as some coconut for added moisture and tenderness. This is my favorite banana cake of all time. I have tried several different recipes over the years, but this is the one I like best. It should not come as a surprise that this cake recipe comes from the wonderful Dorie Greenspan and her amazing book, Baking From My Home to Yours.

This post is a little sad for me. 
As you know, for almost two years I baked along with the amazing men and women of the >Tuesdays with Dorie baking group. However, I’ve fallen off the participation wagon in the past few months and had made the decision a few weeks ago to leave TWD. I joined the group shortly after starting my blog and learned so much about baking from playing along. I even had the pleasure of doing an interview with Dorie Greenspan last year and speaking with her by phone.

Katrina, of Baking and Boys, tried to talk me out of leaving (I adore you Katrina), then she razzed me quite a bit when I wouldn’t change my mind. ;) But the fact of the matter is I have an overwhelming work schedule that just won’t allow me to commit anymore. It’s funny, my turn to pick was coming up soon, in October in fact, and for the longest time I had planned on picking this very cake if no one else had. I made it over a year ago and loved it then, so a couple weeks ago I made it again and had every intention of posting it here as a “sololist”, if you will. Fate would have it that I decided to look and see what the monthly recipe picks were, and there it was, Lots of Ways Banana Cake. Turns out that Kimberly of Only Creative Opportunities made this wonderful cake her pick. So instead of just posting it, I decided to wait until all the other TWD bakers would be posting together.

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So I say farewell TWD.
Thank you for all that you taught me about baking, for your kind comments when my blog was so new, for providing a great group of people to troubleshoot with, and for your friendships. And Dorie, thank you so much for this wonderful book. It is a permanently prized possession in my cookbook collection. Can’t wait to get my pre-ordered copy of Around My French Table when October rolls around. I am eager to see what you do next. :)

ANOTHER DELICIOUS IDEA >>  Bananas n Cream Bundt Cake with Brown Butter Glaze

For this wonderful recipe that is oh so versatile, visit Kimberly’s blog.

I made mine in a 13×9 pan and topped it with a vanilla cream cheese frosting, here’s the recipe for that:

Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

2 8-oz packages of cream cheese
1/2 cup butter (1 stick)
2 cups sifted powdered sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Soften the cream cheese and butter, but don’t let it get warm, just take the chill off. Beat the cream cheese and butter together until creamy. Slowly add the powdered sugar until completely combined. Beat in the vanilla. Keep refrigerated until ready to use.

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  1. Fallon says

    I've never had a banana cake with frosting before. These could make yummy cupcakes!!

    Just think you may of left the cooking group but you can still make those recipes when you want!

  2. Jules Someone says

    Looks fabulous! Come back if you can! You'll be missed in the group, but I can always just come by the blog and say hello!

  3. alvarosa says

    The frosting sounds delicious.

    And I got to say, I am a bit sad, too, because you have been the first person ever to react on a TWD-post (it was the Cran-Apple-Crisp). So it is like my "TWD-big sister" is leaving.
    But I can perfectly understand your reasons and wish you all the best!!

  4. Sue Sparks says

    Amanda, this cake looks wonderful! I love banana bread, but banana cake is even better! Sounds like this was the perfect recipe for you to bake in bidding farewell to TWD:)

  5. Nickki says

    What a perfect recipe for your TWD farewell! That vanilla frosting sounds amazing!
    You will be missed in the group, but I am so glad I found your blog through TWD and I will continue to follow your posts. All the best!

  6. Kimberly Johnson says

    Your cake looks delicious! I've never tried it in a 13×9 pan. Sorry to see you leave the group but good luck with your future endeavors! Thanks for baking with me this week.

  7. Pamela says

    Well, I'm sad to see you leave TWD, too. But I will still read you in my google reader! The cake looks like it turned out lovely, too. That frosting! YUM!

  8. Mary says

    Your cake looks fabulous–I am now dreaming of it with cream cheese frosting! So sad to see you go, but all the best, and I'm sure you'll keep baking Dorie's recipes whenever you have a chance.

  9. Paula says

    Hi Amanda,

    I did the cream cheese frosting bit too but think I should have used your recipe as it looks much lighter.

    We'll miss you. Wishing you continued success with your blog.

  10. berrybushel says

    Your cream cheese frosting looks delectable on this cake. I completely understand your reasons for leaving–sometimes the baking requirement does become a bit much. Bon voyage from TWD, but I'll hopefully still see you around the blogosphere :)

  11. The Food Librarian says

    The cake looks fantastic. We'll miss you Amanda but I'll continue to read your yummy blog! – mary

  12. steph- whisk/spoon says

    oh my gosh–that frosting!!! the group will miss you, but i'm sure it will be nice to have everything you make be your own pick!

  13. TeaLady says

    Aw, Amanda. But I understand completely. I am sorry to see you leave. Keep up with us. Maybe you will be back with the new book.

    Your cake is beautiful. Love that you frosted it and the frosting is perfect with this.

  14. Flourchild says

    Great looking cake, I made mine in a 9×13 pan too. I totally understand about your leaving. Hope to see you when the new book rolls around!

  15. Valerie says

    I can't think of a better recipe to help you ease out of the TWD group. Your cake looks delicious, something that I may try in the Fall!

    I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving. :( But I understand how hard it can be so keep up with everything. Please don't stray too far from us, or your oven. :)

  16. cindy says

    This is a delicious cake! Sorry you are leaving TWD, it is a great group of bakers. Come visit anytime!

  17. Peggy says

    I too am sorry you are leaving TWD, but I know how overwhelming it can get when your job is demanding. You can still cook along with us when your time and schedule allow. This banana cake was delicious and I love that you did yours in a sheet pan. I'm going to try that on my next one. Good luck with your blog and keep on cooking when you can!!

  18. dharmagirl says

    i'm so glad that you had a chance to bake and post this favorite cake of yours before bidding us farewell. i wish you well, amanda.

  19. Katrina says

    Aw shucks, thanks for the shout out. I <3 U.

    That frosting looks fantastic. My brother may have died if I'd have piled mine on that thick. ;)

    Will miss you to pieces. Oh, ok, I'll keep coming to your blog anyway!

    I know I've said it before, but I do totally understand why you had to leave TWD.

  20. Bridget says

    Ah, I went for brown sugar frosting, but clearly cream cheese is the perfect match. What was I thinking? I also love the swirls of frosting on a big rectangular cake.

    Sorry to see you leave TWD!

  21. Jessica of My Baking Heart says

    So sad to see you leave TWD. I've always enjoyed coming over to see your posts and beautiful pictures! What a perfect recipe to end on, though! :)

  22. Shandy says

    Your cake looks delicious and the frosting choice sounds perfect too! I am sorry you are leaving but I understand what a busy schedule means. You were there when I first started blogging and you have been an inspiration to so many of us. HUGS and happy baking!

  23. stacey says

    That sounds delicious with the cream cheese frosting! Good luck with your work and be sure to keep baking when you can! :) It really is great to bake along with the others in TWD, I'm impressed you kept at it for so long, as others have done. I feel like such a newbie coming up on 6 months, but it is wonderful thus far! And I have the extra pounds as proof, ha!

  24. AmyRuth says

    Amazing support and good wishes all around. No surprise, Amanda. You do a fabulous job with your blog and I'm sure the TWD'rs will continue to read. So who is gonna keep you from baking along when you want right? hehe That's the rebel in me, woops. Shucks, that cake and the frosting looks so wonderful a perfect match. Thanks for all you have shared along the way. Good Luck but its not goodbye.

  25. Heather Davis says

    Lovely post Amanda. Everyone is sad to see you go. Thanks for making contact with me through TWD and your continuing support. I know I will be "seeing" you again. Hx

  26. Judy says

    I wish I could just dive in to that frosting. It sounds perfect for this cake! Sorry to see you leave, but I do understand how time and baking schedules aren't always compatible. Best of luck with everything. Come and visit sometime.

  27. sarahe says

    your cake looks great! sad you are leaving the group, but i am sure you will continue to love this book and her next!

  28. dorie says

    Amanda, I am sorry to see you leaving TWD, but I know how much you do and how busy you are, so it's remarkable that you were able to participate so actively for so long. I have always enjoyed your posts and I loved getting to meet you and work with you on the terrific interview you did. Thank you.


  29. Mary Ann says

    I couldn't agree more with you about how much I have learned from TWD. It's amazing really. Your cake looks great!
    Hope things go well for you!

  30. Barbara Bakes says

    Banana and coconut sound like a fabulous combination. Especially with a cream cheese frosting!

  31. Amanda says

    Thank you for all the kind words everyone. I'll still be here blogging, just can't commit to the group anymore. I'll still bake from Dorie's book, I love it too much to give that up!

    Thank you Dorie. You are an amazing baker and I am honored to have met you :)

  32. jillbert says

    Hi Amanda, I'm sorry to see you go! But what a great looking cake and frosting! You're in my Google Reader, so I'll still be keeping an eye on your blog.

  33. Sweet and Savory says

    Amanda, I appreciate why you are leaving. I know, I have to constantly re-evaluate what I am doing and what choices, I should make. You will be missed.

    But, you are here and I am sure, everyone will continue to visit.

  34. marla {family fresh cooking} says

    Sounds like you made the right choice that works for you with TWD. All of us seem so extra busy lately! Your banana cake with cream cheese frosting looks amazing. Coconut & banana are always a great combo :) xo

  35. Kelly D says

    Good luck moving forward. I completely understand how these commitments – which don't seem like much — can get overwhelming. Great looking cake BTW.

  36. Lauryn says

    Now Im sad too! I will miss your TWD posts Amanda, but I promise to stop by frequently to see what you are baking! Keep in touch! xoxo

  37. Jacque says

    Aaah, I'm sorry to hear you won't be able to participate. We'll miss you! Well, I'm sure it's for the best for you and your family.

    Your cake looks fabulous!

  38. Karen says

    Aww amanda! You are one of my favorite bakers! I am sad to see you go and I am glad Katrina razzed you to try to keep you. Your cake looks lovely as always. Glad your farewell recipe was the one you would have chosen.

  39. margot says

    Your cake looks wonderful, definitely leaving on a high note. I was wondering why I hadn't seen your posts recently. I will still have to stop by and see what you're cooking.

  40. Erin @ The Sweet Life says

    Awww, Amanda! I hate to hear that you're leaving TWD, but I'm sure you've got LOTS of awesome baking/cooking up your sleeve. Your cake looks delish!

  41. Megan says

    I never could figure out how you do it all. I was beginning to think you never slept. The cake looks fantastic.

  42. Ingrid says

    Aw, I felt sad reading this.

    You know me and banana desserts. This gets bumped to the top.

    Being busy with work is not a bad thing. :)

  43. Tasty Eats At Home says

    I love banana anything…but that frosting? I want to sneak and stick my finger in there, just to get a taste!

  44. Leslie says

    Love that cake with frosting! It looks awesome!

    I'm going to miss your TWD posts (and I was shocked you would leave the group so close to it being your turn to pick). And I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has a recipe in mind for when their turn comes!

  45. Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] says

    Ahh sorry to hear about you leaving. But maybe that will give us the chance to see more, different posts from you? :P The cake looks lovely!!

  46. Nancy/n.o.e says

    I grew up eating frosted banana cake from a 9×13 pan, but I've gotta say yours looks a whole lot better than my mom's! (shhhhhh, don't tell her) This recipe was wonderful and I'm glad it worked out for you to use it as your TWD swan song. It's been fun baking along for 2 years!


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