Baking and Boys: Cookies, fudge and granola

A couple years ago I met a food blogger who I seemed to have so much in common with that we started referring to each other as sisters separated at birth. Though we are a couple of years apart in age, it’s a little spooky sometimes how we are often on the same wave length about things, or even baking the same type of treats without even knowing it! That blogger is Katrina Smith of Baking and Boys.

Katrina is a mom to 4 wonderful boys whom she blogs about along with all the fabulous baked goodies that come out of her kitchen. And speaking of her kitchen, I was lucky enough to be the guinea pig for an experiment that Katrina was doing. She wanted to know how well some cookies, fudge and granola held up to packaging and the mail system, so she sent me some amazing baked goodness.

Funny thing is my daughter (almost 17) was having a rough day. We were in the car going somewhere and I asked my daughter to open the box, neither one of us knew what was inside. She was growing increasingly frustrated with the tape on the box, she couldn’t seem to get it open. She was on the verge of tears (not because of the box, but because of her bad day) and that’s when she was finally able to get the box open. Her face immediately lit up and she said “Oh there’s cookies in here. And fudge!”

ANOTHER DELICIOUS IDEA >>  TWD: Cherry Fudge Brownie Torte tweaked

As I drove she opened the Rocky Road Fudge and handed me a piece, also taking one for herself. We both slipped into that “mmmmmmm” moment and enjoyed the wonderful flavor of the perfect fudge. Katrina included a note wanting to know if the fudge held up, concerned it would get too soft. It was perfect, really perfect, and now I wish Katrina and I did not live over 1,500 miles away from me! If we were neighbors though, I think we’d both have to invest in a treadmill. Haha!

Now on to the cookies. These are Katrina’s version of Levain cookies, though she says hers are smaller that theirs. Katrina’s cookies are huge and take up your entire palm, so I can’t imagine how big the bakery’s are! These cookies are amazing. Full, and I mean FULL of rich chocolate, oh my God! Here’s the copycat recipe that Katrina uses. Katrina talks about Levain Bakery and the cookies here. They held up beautifully, though Katrina did suggest that I heat one up in the microwave. Umm, sorry, they are all gone. Come on, I have 3 teenagers and a preteen living here!

Katrina says about Lisa Michelle’s copycat recipe “The biggest change I make is that I almost never use dark brown sugar which she uses. I just use light brown. No copycats ever quite compare to the real thing, but these are pretty good, and still make a great ccc of their own.”


Lastly the granola. Full of amazing nutty goodness, great in handfuls, but my favorite is as a breakfast cereal, which I enjoyed thoroughly this morning.

So if you are not already subscribed to or following Katrina’s blog, go to Baking and Boys right NOW and do so. She makes so many amazing things you will not regret it! I love following along and reading about her family, they are all so cute and Katrina has a heart of gold. Love you girl!

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  1. Katrina says

    Ok, I'm feeling a little verclempt and fat-in-the-head. Thanks, Amanda. I'm happy to know that everything shipped well and was well-liked.
    I make the Levains 3 ounces. The real ones from the bakery are 6 ounces! They are huge, just crisp enough on the outside, but still oh so gooey on the inside and my perfect ccc.
    In sync so much that we were probably eating some of that same granola at the same time this morning. scary ;)
    Thanks, Amanda. This is way too nice of you.
    We definitely need to meet.
    (Oh, and I have a treadmill–it needs a little dustin', but I have one.)

  2. Lila says

    Your poor daughter. I remember having those days in high school too! It's always good to have a great friend send you fudge to brighten your day! I'd love Katrina too!
    Lila Ferraro

  3. Deeba PAB says

    FUN FUN FUN…just what I love about food blogging. What a wonderful package to receive in the mail, and how beautifully you wrote the post Amanda! Yay both of you … Katrina, you rock!!

  4. Barbara Bakes says

    Love Katrina's blog too. What a delicious package to receive. So great to make a good friend though blogging.

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